Review: Is D-Day Bollywood’s greatest day?

Anil Bhoyrul takes a look at the controversial Bollywood movie D-Day
D-Day is mesmerizing from start to finish, with a brilliant performance by Rishi Kapoor.

D-Day is mesmerizing from start to finish, with a brilliant performance by Rishi Kapoor.

I shall start with a confession. I hate Bollywood movies.

In fact, apart from Sholay (which I saw when I was nine years old) I would have trouble naming a decent one.To me, they are all the same: boy meets girl, girl’s parents ain’t pleased. After three hours of song and dance, boy and girl get married. In fact, I didn’t even want to go to the premiere of D-Day last week, eventually lured by the promise of free food and catching up with an old friend.

But boy am I glad I did. I would have no hesitation in ranking Nikhil Advani’s thriller alongside The Godfather and Scarface. Mesmerising from start to finish, with brilliant performances by the lead cast of Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan, Arjun Rampal, Huma Qureshi, and Akash Dahiya.

D-Day’s plot is pretty controversial, as it centres around undercover Indian agents working in Pakistan, trying to capture a terror chief named Goldman. It is loosely based on the real life attempts over two decades to bring back Dawood Ibrahim.

If you’re Indian you will probably love the movie, if you’re Pakistani you might well hate it.

But what makes D-Day such a great Bollywood movie is the fact it is so un-Bollywood. The script is brilliant, and you genuinely have no idea how it will end until the very end. The way the movie jumps from back to front up to the half way point is pure class, something few Bollywood directors would ever dare attempt.

And even though there is a decent chunk of music, it is done Tarantino-style as a backdrop to scenes. There is a fair amount of violence and tragedy, and the quality of acting – particularly by Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan - is something Marlon Brando and Al Pacino would be proud of.

In short, this movie has everything. Would I ever go and see another Bollywood movie? Nope – because there is no chance of anyone in Bollywood making another one as good as this.

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Posted by: Fahd

I am surprised this movie is being screened here in UAE, when such controversal movies have previously been banned. They create a negative sentiment amongst the communities here and obviously would offend Pakistanis, when we all know that the whereabouts of the alleged terrorist are known to everyone and an operation of such scale can only be fanatazied about in films. I wonder how my Indian friends would feel if there was a movie about Indian armies attrocities in Kashmir! I hope the authority pull this movie off screen!

Posted by: RRDXB

Not sure if you have watched the movie. It portrays Pakistani common people very favorably, while being very critical of both Indian and Pakistani govts. and intelligence bodies. It is actually more about Indian intelligence forces going after an Indian criminal than about Pakistan. I wouldn't call it a classic by any stretch. I have watched better Hindi movies just over the past 1 month. But there's no reason to take it off the screens.

Posted by: Baiju

@AnilKeep away from reviewing Bollywood movies...!!
AB made a mistake asking you to write a review on this movie...some one who havnt watched a Hindi movie for last 35 years...
FYI @ Anil, if you get time try to google Lagan, DDLJ (which is running successfully for last 15 yrs in theatre in Maharashtra), Pa, Black....just named a few try to google these movies...

Posted by: Sal

I have not seen the movie so cannot say anything now. But I have strong doubts that it can be compared to Godfather and Scarface with the main stream actors except Irffan Khan.

Posted by: Ben

Forget the reviewer. The review is still relevant. Great movie. I wish movies like this are made more often. Go watch it!!! Enjoyed the movie.

Posted by: Vishal Bhavnaani

This guy Anil shouldn't even be reviewing Hindi movies considering he hasn't seen one for the last 35-40 odd years. What a shame!!!!

Posted by: Mark X

I fully agree - Anil shouldn't even be reviewing Hindi movies considering he hasn't seen one for the last 35-40 odd years - Furthermore, he still seems to be reading a book or a script which he bought (assuming that he did buy it) when he was 9 yrs old. Bollywood movies have moved from the old plot of boy meeting girl etc, and most movies are no longer of 3 hrs duration. Now you get 2 movies in 3 hrs.

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