Rights group urges UAE not to deport strikers

Overseas labourers at builder Arabtec went on strike last week seeking higher pay


Organizations like HRW, Green peace, ILO, UNHCR are so self serving that it is amazing they still exist! they spend 60/70 percent of their budgets (meant for social charitable and humanitarian causes) on paying the salaries of their western expat employees who go around muttering platitudes for people that they could not care less about as long as they have their UN flagged Land Cruisers and villas in luxurious compounds, HYPOCRITES!


The entire gulf region is over employing cheap labor!

I was on a trip to London and it took about 4 British natives 1 day to rebuild a road in front of my hotel.

It usually take weeks and an army of labor for the same task in the gulf.

No wonder we get shoddy work, over budget and over schedule with an army of workers from South Asia. of workers from South Asia.



like the saudi council of engineers who detected thousands of fake engineering degrees, the bulk of which came from south asia and other corrupt arab countries.

or how some major construction companies with multi billion projects without any saudi or gcc partners have been operating for the past 3 decades with clear multiple violations of local and international laws. they would get a permit for one project but instead work on multiple projects in a web of sub contracting.


Yeah, blame the poor guys who are being directed (and be sure to throw race into it, even if they dont control the outcome), not the incompetents up top, who usually get paid more if there are delays...I'm sure that all the delays in real estate here are due to those scheming construction workers, NOT the owners of the firms who spent all the cash and are benefited by not building at all.

Btw: you're blind if you dont think cost overruns and delays happen anywhere else, especially in the arab world where they dont import labor.


Does not "A plea for not deporting them" mean that they are better off where they are now, working at their salaries per contract? Personally I think their wages are quite low, but solving this matter by ignoring contract law, the concept of supply and demand and business ethics is not the right way. I do hope that the government would pass a law that sets minimum wage at a higher rate, which would at least provide labour with more than just subsistence.


I'm no expert, but I think the problem lies in the fact that these guys are so cheap and the contractors that use them are so liberal in their recruitment of them for that very reason. They then do nothing to develop them or make them any better than two arms that can very inefficiently work a shovel.

I think if you recruited 1/4 of the people, got them to work 4 times harder (have you seen them on these building sites??), trained them to work efficiently, for 4 times the salary then you'd have a happier, more motivated workforce and I also think you may also get these guys to have a tiny bit of pride in their work.

This is no critism of the workers, I'd do the same. Pay me poor money to stand around and maybe dig a hole every now and again and I'll do it slowly and badly.

Not sure if its the same in India/ Pakistan, but in the west whilst builders do have a reputation for being lazy, if you look at a building site typically everyone is doing something productive!


I think this is a great way to apply for the EXPO 2020! After all it shows how progressive and future orientated we are over here. Don't start scratching the shiny surface.


I see war of the worlds going on here! LOL


Deport them without any delay, these people knew very well the type of jobs and the salaries they would get, creating such chaos and pandemonium will not serve their interests, they seem to forget that their countries cannot provide them with peanuts and here they are raising hue and cry, deport immediately to set a clear example to all.


thank you for your humanity


@procan. U again :)

Well dear cousin, we had slavery here in the UK, now officially abolished, We still have thousands of Bangalis, Eastern European and other illegal workers here as well in the UK working in "slave-like" conditions for less than the minimum wage. Canada and the US is not different - except you wont have many Indians/Bengalis but are inundated with Latins.

SO much for you "Labor Laws". Without meaning to turn u on, unless you are referring to "personal arrangements" (which are freely available both here and in Canada/US), I don't remember reading anything about these Contract labor workforce (or slaves as you refer them to) being "whipped".

As I said once, HIBERNATION is a great option...too cold up there...


I would suggest that HRW, instead of focusing on a country where a company expects people to hold up their end of a contract, focuses on Indian legislation instead. Even if we disregard the fact that there are tens, if not hundreds of millions dying to take their position, we all know (and it has been exposed by independent documentary makers time and time again) it's the Indian middle man doing the dirt in these cases where people are promised what they are not given. Let them control those sharks and there won't be any problems. If Indians won't do the job, there are about 1 billion people across Africa and Asia willing to work. Now they can go back and enjoy the "great working" conditions in factories back home, IF they can find any jobs. If you think the working conditions are horrible anywhere in the world, you've apparently never seen shipyards, scrapyards, manufacturing "facilities" and the steel industry in India.


@kingkaiser If you want to mention abuse you should look at their alternative. Which is at best to work in a Tata Steel factory where workers earn nothing, own nothing, don't have a roof and literally sleep on the streets, are lucky to be able to afford a meal and are fired when due to their work environment a limb gets severed at work. So this "abuse in our own backyard" where they earn 10 times as much as back home, have a roof above their head and meals and healthcare provided to them is the kind of abuse I can live with...


I cant believe the flak Ahsan is getting for effectively saying "Inhumane treatment elsewhere does not justify you committing inhumane acts".

@Hisham, there is some merit to your suggestion that because we all own products that are made in China or farmed in the third world, we are all culpable. However, it is asinine to suggest that because there is exploitation that we have unwillingly participated in, we should now not care about abuse that is occuring in our backyards.

@tfg: numerous people work for companies where they cant afford the products (as my friend who works for ferrari cries about) - not sure how that somehow makes it ok to abuse workers...yes the standard of living there is poor, but thats part of being a third world nation; as educated and wealthy (relatively) individuals, our job is to change that situation in our own backyards, as opposed to making excuses for it.


@Ahsan I just realised I have to apply a new rule here, which is to only reply with something serious if someone shows signs of having an IQ at least somewhere north of zero...


@Hisham, just because these workers come from a poor background does not mean they can be treated inhumanely here. Anyhow, if they want to go back, you shouldn't be worried about their "great working" conditions. I guess its going to better than current, hence the reason to leave.


@Ahsan If that is the case then I suggest you look around your house to see how many items you own which have been "ethically" manufactured (including their parts). The coffee and tea you drink, the clothes you wear. The alternative when you find out you're just as much part of this "exploitation of the poor" is to simply not place such uneducated comments in the future.


Poverty in one end of the world does not justify exploitation in another!



There are COUNTLESS documentaries about the salve like conditions and child labor in India where garment factory workers and countless other workers can't buy the items they produce! Mental and physical abuse is rife!

Indian democracy is a mockery if its people must look to foreigners rather than their own government to secure decent working conditions.



Would this be your response if you were running a business in Canada??????

Typical Canadian double standards!

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