RTA dismisses Dubai Metro stations delay reports

RTA insists the opening date of all 29 red line stations has not changed.

The RTA has insisted that all stations along the Dubai Metro’s red line will open on time following reports of delays.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Roads and Transport Authority told Arabian Business that the schedule for opening all 29 stations from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali had not changed.    

“We announced before that we are opening all stations and there is nothing beyond that at this point in time,” the spokesperson said.

“You should take what comes out of the RTA,” the spokesperson added in response to reports that only nine stations would be operational.  

When asked whether the RTA would keep the public informed of any delays to the $4.2bn metro project, the official said: “100 percent and I think we are one of the top communicators in the country. Certainly if there is any new information we will let everybody know.”

An unconfirmed media report on Monday claimed that only a third of the stations on the red line would be working from September 9.   

The report also said that a further 10 stations would open in October with the final 10 coming on line the following month.

While the RTA is now denying any delays, its chairman Mattar Al Tayer said in March that not all stations would be operational when the metro opened.

During a press conference last month to announce metro fares, Al Tayer revealed station openings would depend on the stage of developments running along the line.

“There would be no point in opening a station where there are no buildings finished,” he said.

“For example, if you go along Sheikh Zayed Road you will see a building under construction that is not yet finished, so why should I add to the operating cost [of the Metro]? I would rather wait three or four months until those buildings are finished.”

The RTA wants 30 percent of Dubai’s population to eventually use public transport.

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Posted by: Omar

Although i praise RTA for doing a great job around Dubai, i believe their PR is not that good. Why can not they admit delays?There is nothing wrong by admitting delays. It's not the end of the world. Denying facts is not constrcutive to the city. I can look from my window now and see that there is NO WAY all stations will be ready in 40 days. Give us a break. Improve your PR RTA!!! We love your city and highly appreciate your efforts but be constructive and give us FACTS. The previous report of Jose Paul suggesting the delay is 100% true. We want Dubai to be always an achiever and special and.... but we also want FACTS. By the way, please push your contractors to improve the standard of living of the poor labourers who work under +55 so we enjoy impeccable roads. I believe they must be rewarded in a higher manner!

Posted by: Jon

I agree with the other comments - this is not about RTA Bashing; this is about the endless spin of Government Departments when the truth that there will be delays is so evident to see. To make out everything is hunky dory just gives the impression that the RTA don't actually know what is going on; whereas, I'm quite sure they do. It's all about credibility. Yes, we're all sick of road works and endless diversions, but let's give credit where due - the infrastructure Dubai has created in the last five years is second to none. Please just don't treat us like idiots - it makes us even less likely to believe you when you are trying to say something of importance or relvance.

Posted by: BNK

Thumbs Up Kirmani. Mart and others, come on guys, did UK USA told every citizen that Recession (or is it Depression in waiting!) coming. What truth you want, why all Dubaites think that each and every time there is a rumour in the media, the related department should come out and beg for pardon or tell the truth. What is truth for you may not be truth for some one else. Come on guys you know that RTA has done fantastic job in last couple of years, things you could not have imagined in your dreams, give them some credit and wait for the things to happen, the sky will not fall down if the metro is not opened on 090909, isn't it. Enjoy the ride when it opens, contribute to the growth of Dubai with which you also intend to grow, as they say 'don't shit in the plate you eat'. You all will agree that we (expats) are still better off than our counter parts in Europe and USA. Appreciate the country you live in and be thankful to the country which gave you bread and butter, and your current savings in your home country.

Posted by: Mart

Kazim Kirmani: "Why do people love RTA-bashing? Projects of this magnitude do usually run into delays, and it needs to be taken at face value." Sure projects like this often run into delays - that is why I don't understand why the RTA can't admit the obvious - that some stations won't open. Why can't they do that? Delays don't just happen in Dubai or the Middle East - this happens in my home country, the UK... for example the Millennium Dome, Wembley Stadium etc etc. No one is claiming that such a project in the UK, USA etc would have run on time. My question was why do the RTA come out and say that everything is on time and all the stations will open on time, when its obvious that its untrue. Why do that? Why lose credibility making such absurd claims? Why not just come out and tell the TRUTH? Why not say that this is a massive project (it is), that 3-4 years was always a very aggressive target (it is) and that due to the complexity of the project and the desire to do it right, there will be delays in the opening of some stations, or perhaps the whole metro line. Everyone would respect the RTA for having done so well in so little time, and for being open about the fact that the project is going to be delayed a little. But their just seem to be a culture in these types of organisations of denying there are any delays right up until opening day, which makes it look like the guys running these projects don't have a clue (which I don't believe to be the case). There is nothing wrong with being honest. People appreciate honesty.

Posted by: Majed Al Nasser

Mr. Kazim Kirmani I dont think anyone would even consider anything being done in sharjah, and that is for 1 simple reason, thank GOD they are improving their road networks. And about the RTA, its not about trying to critisize their capabilities or anything. The RTA was leading the whole UAE in means on developing and improving transportation. Nevertheless, when the RTA constructs such big projects AND giving false opening dates, everyone would criticise them. If they hadnt specified that 090909 is the opening date of ALL the red line stations, if they just said that we would open in the 3rd quarter of 2009, nobody would go negative on them. Personnally I dont care if the whole metro project was delaid 3 more months, yes I cant wait for it to open, but its not like my life depends on it (yet)!! So thumbs up RTA for building such a project, and fingers crossed for the project to finish on time.

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