Samsung opens first customer service centre in KSA

Samsung today opened its Customer Service Plaza to support customers in Saudi Arabia

Grant Holt

In all fairness its more than likely Samsung isnt the problem, but the local distributors.

I had problem with my Apple iPhone. Etisalt just fobbed me off that Id done something to it that invalidated the maintenance warranty. I knew I hadnt, so I took it to the Apple store in UK on my next visit. After inspecting it they replaced it free of charge with a new one that day, as its covered by Apples international warranty!

Two very different customer care environments!

not in the same boat

They just dont care here

Shame shame

samsung fan

Looks like the Apple cult has got people asking banal questions on the forum!


@samsung between the lines. all the people who posted here have bought samsung products. i for one can confirm to u i never even touched iphone. i am an android and bb mobile fan. unfortunately samsung spoilt my love for android.


you forgot to mention that if they didn't like it they could always go back to their home countries...


Just do as I did, stop buying SAMSUNG products. Why do we require their customer service? Because most of the time their products are faulty. I am a victim of this and since then stopped even looking at samsung products ultimately.


I have two Samsung phones, one has a scratch on the screen but nothing major. Other than that, everything is fine.

I'm not actually expecting a response but considering most commenters here seem to think this is a Samsung complaints forum, I didn't want to feel left out.


Good One Chris!

sent from my i-Diot


i have waited for nearly one month for your technical support for my washing machine, which i bought 7 month before. every day i called the customer service center. so far no responce
please send your technical support team to fix my washing machine. or call me 0508728003


why do samsung opens customer service site, no one get a responses from samsung. even my self

please stop buying samsung product.. seriously its a worst customer service company. shame shame

abdelazim abuelzain

I bought Samsung S3 for less than 6 months and it was new then it developed some problem i took my cell phone to customer service in KSA Al Madbuli in Riyadh Khorais street (because i have golden guaranteeing) they told me should change mother board so it was took 21 days , they gave me my cell phone and told me they change the mother board , 10 days later i found that posterior camera not working i returned back to them , i was surprised they told me we can not do any thing for you because you do maintenance for your mobile out side ,i told them that i never been out side for maintenance and i swear for them but they did not believe me and they insist and told me (you lost your guarantee and if you want to do maintenance you should give us 1000 Saudi riyals for new mother board) and it was unfair I talk to several friends and they mentioned same stories regarding the maintenance of Samsung in same customer service office I don not know really where is the problem ? is the probl


i bought a washing machine 7-8 month ago. now its not working.
i made a techinal appointment. its suppose to fix today. today i receive a message your appointment was cancelled. what is this? is this Samsung customer service? no one taking care ?
please improve your customer service line, otherwise Samsung will loose their goodwill.
please be contact 0508728003 in order to fix my washing machine.

Binny Jacob

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" which gone wrong by "No sound" just after using 1 week gave for repairs in Yanbu - Jarir Bookstore on 6th September, 2012, (Order No. 3086463) is not repaired yet... Its being more than one and a half months its being with them..

Could you please help me to get it back rectified as I became a most unfortunate / disappointed customer of Samsung...

Expecting your prompt action and reply.


Hi Jacob,
Iam also victim as you are I have no clue what to do thou I use most of the Samsung appliance, problem is service. There should be something like consumer protection act. Like and me there are tons of people who are suffering with Samsung service thou there are Terms and Conditions applies but no one cares. Lets hope one day when but will improve the quality of service.

john paul oracion

can i ask you can repair about software of my galaxy note because almost 5 months i used only i m here in hofuf the problem is i cannot open my cellphone i open but said encountered an issue din ako to kies they can connect how it works and i will charge they cannot verry dissapoint i used only 5 months now its useless please help me. how can i send my item to your service centre hoping for your promt.reply


I have Samsung split AC bought 2 months before, its is not working, Electronics store checked the AC and told that AC compressor is not working. Please ask your technician to contact me 0594824914


syed rihan

my mobile samsung galaxy y s5360 is the locked too many patten attempts .pls help me

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