Saudi Arabia bans marriage with foreigners from 4 countries

Saudi men can no longer marry women from selected Asian, African countries because populations in the kingdom have exceeded 500,000

Saudi Arabia has reportedly banned male citizens from marrying women from three Asian and one African country because authorities claim the local population of people from these states is too high.

Men will no longer be able to marry women from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and Chad, according to Makkah Daily. The newspaper said the number of people from those four states within Saudi Arabia had exceeded 500,000, a limit set by authorities to manage expatriate populations.

There about 9 million expats in the kingdom – or two-thirds of the total population.

The news follows recent tightening of rules governing the marriage of a Saudi to a foreigner.

Under the new regulations, a Saudi man can only apply to marry a foreign women if he is older than 25 and must wait six months after divorcing to apply again.

Saudi Arabia has some of the tightest controls on marriage in the world. Majority of marriages are still arranged by family members, and still heavily influenced by caste and tribe.

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Posted by: Lone Star

@Salim: Why the hostility in the comment? Historically, Andalus was the pinnacle of Islamic civilization and was a pluralistic and inclusive society. Why degrade others who do not share your beliefs?

Is the Western world morally and financially bankrupt? They are not at their peak but they are not bankrupt. They are still setting the tone for much of the rest of the world. What Israel did to the Palestinians pales with respect to Syria.

@Bruce: However, Syria is fighting a revolution aiming to topple its regime and is slaughtering its people in the process with the world watching. The Palestinians are defending against an apartheid state that preaches human rights and justice but conveniently ignores those principles beyond its apartheid wall and manipulates the media to discredit the rightful residents of the holy land. I am sorry but Hamas is a natural evolutionary response to Israel's racist and barbarous policies.

Do not confuse between the two.

Posted by: JayKay

Taking shelter!!? ha ha! We're here because the companies can't attract local talent which doesn't exist - then I'll take my talent wherever I like in this global world where my skills are in demand (I'm sure people are crying out for Qatari skilled experts too - so don't worry), then maybe to settle at home in the 5th largest economy in the world, forward looking, inventive, free and beautiful

Posted by: Salim Al Murtagh

Bruce this is the reason why you are earning your bread in a muslim country !! your western countries are morally and financially bankcrupt and that's why two faced people like you take shelter in our islamic country.

Posted by: Matt Williams

@Salim- the West is morally bankrupt, financially bankrupt is it lol, yes well I suppose that's why your leaders all own real estate in London and are enjoying the large equity that brings as well as it being nice and peaceful, nothing wrong with there? Well they don't seem to think so! We don't shelter here, we were encouraged to be here and are encouraged to be here, we work hard and bring many different an positive things to this region, that's the UAE a forward thinking country with great tolerance. As for bankruptcy of morals mine are fine thanks as are my finances and the finances and morals of many I know in the West.

Posted by: Saeed

Being a Muslim you should be the first to know that these rules are contrary to the teachings of Islam. Whats even more surprising is that 3 out of the 4 countries mentioned are Islamic states.

Posted by: Bruce Springsteen

I can't imagine my home country telling me who I can marry and who I can't. I guess my country is firmly situated far outside the 15th century so I guess I can be grateful for that.

Posted by: natalie

Why not just ban child brides and multiple wives?????

Posted by: Mariam

These marriages are for child brides and are and exploitation of women in those cultures.

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