Saudi Arabia to rehire Indian maids on lower wages

Paolo C

India, a great country who doesn't care less of its own people. Its gouvernment needs to be overtrown immediately.


Same can be said of Italy and Greece... and probably other asian countries too... you get the picture.


Don't whine about low pay AFTER you ACCEPT whatever pay you negotiated.


@ Saudi: Good on you for starting to employ more Saudis.. sooner is always better than later.. and oh, whilst you are busy deporting illegals, make sure you also crack down on idiots who flout the systems and con these migrant workers.


It seems that even an idiot could figure out that when you have an oversupply of a commodity (unskilled Indian labor), the price (wages) of that commodity falls. When it falls far enough, unskilled Saudis can't afford to take the unskilled jobs, and then we let a few million more uneducated, unskilled, Indians in, and the cycle continues. I'm glad Saudi attitudes are changing, as displayed by massive hiring of Saudis and shunning hiring Indians.


It is all india;s fault... they seem to find money for expensive fighter jets which their lame airforce seems to crash any way but no money for their people..

stop blaming Saudi and start it with your selves.


That is not Saudi Arabia's problem. If a country is so ineffective it cannot ensure its citizens passports dont get "lost" and does not help them, then their citizens deserve all this and more.


"Everyone has an embassy to run to" do they? Really? And Saudi Arabia - 1/3rd the size of India and with scant transport to much of it and police road blocks between every city to check papers is really going out of their way to encourage people to visit their embassies and complain are they? And who will pay the fares and get police clearance to travel for somebody who hasn't received salary and is not in possession of their Iqama or passport?


Most of these people are less educated and have not travelled anywhere outside even their Cities, and when you promise them the salary in their local currencies IN A FOREIGN and EXPENSIVE land they cannot comprehend it.
Then you do not provide them any rest, and day off's, No overtime, and even you who boast do pay their salaries on time forget increments as you desire for your self.


Don't whine when you feel jealous that my employees are better negotiators and don't sell themselves cheap.

Also, everyone has an embassy to run too if their passports is "lost" "stolen" or taken away and are "trapped".

But I suppose the majority prefer to be illegals, as the current massive crackdown on illegals and over stayers of all sort indicate.


Then whine about high pay of your employees and the lack of profits accruing to you but don't renegotiate pay AFTER you've taken somebody's passport away from them and trapped them in a foreign land habib......


Its a shameful decision on behalf of Indian Govt to enter into such agreement. Owing to recent expat issues drive in Saudi Arabia, they there are reported cases of runways house maids from sponsors. One of the major reason of runaway house maid is low pay and abusive treatment. One can not change the way they behave. So this reason is status quo would have another reason as lower salary. Why can't this issue be taken up head to head while discussing with authorities. There need to be corrective ways to prevent run away workers situation happens. There are people who promote illigal things, but those who fall victim or support such cause are more dangerous and responsible to nurish such situation. Hidden message smart readers can understand very well. Why it shold always need mirror to see own picture. There is trouble within the house, why to blame others for isseus of expats!!!!


Here in GCC countries the low wages of South Asian labour is like a illegal drug trade. We should punish both the drug user as well as the supplier. South asian countries and their Governments are not protecting their labour force from the opportunistic middlemen in GCC countries.


Ok - sorry to be blunt but there are two main problems which mean that south asians are exploited in the GCC.

1 - Many Arabs still see lowly paid migrant workers as slaves. The slave trade was alive and well over here until not that long ago and you can clearly see that many here view cheap labour as exactly that. I've lived here for 5 years and due to my job I have allot of exposure to the mentality of employers and wealthy GCC nationals and I'm sorry, but this is fact.

2 - Many south asians see those at the lower ends of the food chain, which obviously constitutes the vaste majority, as livestock. Abuse and exploitation are the common currency. You can see it there just as evidently as you can see it here.


The problem with many South Asians in general and Indians in particular is that greed has no limit for them. No matter how much they get, which is often 10 times more they get in their home country, they are always asking for more, and trying to move to better jobs for a higher salary.


Yes. It's human nature. Ambition isn't a crime. The nationals of GCC countries are ensured cushy paychecks for merely existing and hence develop a glorified sense of entitlement. The rest of us have more pride than to accept handouts like beggars.


It's typical and pretty sad that people here only blame the Saudis. What these people seem to forget is that Indian institutions and contractors are the ones who sell their own people for a few dollars. So the real shame is on the Indian government and people who treat their own people like sub-humans and knowingly sell them as slaves to the Gulf states.




I'm afraid the victim mentality that some of the contributors here (I assume they are mainly Gulf Arabs) have demonstrated is simply beyond belief. The gulf (no pun intended) in earnings and lifestyles between the employee and the employer in these cases is usually vast.
If you widen the scope to include manual labourers, construction workers, and low-skilled staff then there is a clear pattern of exploitation and denial of basic rights (at least by modern standards). The class-based society persists with its own peculiar strand of institutionalised racist stereotyping. That is not to say that all local employers - or even the majority - are inclined to abuse their considerable powers. But it is disingenuous to suggest that this abuse is either rare or the fault of the abused.
The reality is that the global economic powerhouses of the next 50 years are the home nations of many of those that are currently exploited, and you know what they say: what goes around comes around...


If overall working conditions and treatment are really that poor, and the government is aware of this, then apparently India desperately needs the remittance and is willing to sacrifice their nationals in the process. Instead of coming up with a real solution to their uncontrolled explosive population growth, this sugar coated government endorsed slavery is how they plan to feed their nation? It proves that you can have "democracy" and "financial growth" (and I place this between quotation marks because it is all very relative when a vast majority will continue to live far below the poverty line for the next decades), and still have no progress whatsoever... In the meanwhile, who gets blamed by Western media? The "evil Arab" who despite the logical market forces of supply and demand should pay higher wages. And when 1 out of the perhaps 10 million maids gets mistreated they have another perfect excuse of pointing out just how evil these families are...

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