Saudi Arabia switches weekend to Fri-Sat

Kingdom's Shoura Council agrees to change weekly holiday in line with rest of GCC


It is a good discussion to have week off as Friday and Saturday,
but if it attacks the human in their worship,then Saudi govt has to think deeply as the worshipper should not get any disturbence because of this change.
"Oh Allah show us a right path "


no it should not be changed. saudi is not like oman or any other gcc group. here the weekend is utilised for umrah and medinah travel mostly. by that way they get a friday night in mecca and friday noon prayers in medina.....a blessed changing to fri-sat, it will be disrupted.imagine people travelling the whole night of friday :( ....not a good idea, this land is holy, like no other land. sometimes u have think beyond business and international things......think about the universe and the creator of universe.

Elias Khair

Good to in Oman the switch to Fri/Sat w/e will take effect from 1st May, I just back from Oman today and the w/e 2nd/3rd May is the first w/e in Oman with the new scenario..

Mick's still impossible to have anyone pick up the phone at any business in KSA....any day of the week.


If I could suggest Thursday to be half day and Saturday to be a full working day for the benefit of the society and more output. After all Saudi Authorities are lenient and give time off for prayers too every day and no one thinks of compensating it in kind? I have seen many expats and others sleeping and spending their time unconstructively on weekends and thus they become so lazy and obese and lousy at the start of new week. For what?


Only expats sleep, and the dexterous Saudis keep awake and work away their precious time! Thanks, but the joke is not that funny.


Yes, those naughty expats, wasting the precious time that the Almighty gave them, when they should be working hard all day, everyday, just like the great people of Saudi Ar....Oh...Uh... Never mind.

Who needs weekends? Work everyday! You'll have plenty of time to rest when you're dead!

Muhammad Naeem

Ofcourse it is a very good decision by shoura council,hence they will get one more working day with the rest of the world.Good decisions always have good impacts.

Shafiqur Rahman

Thanks a lot to the Shoura Council. It is good decision, Friday and Saturday weekly holidays is perfect decision. Generally now government will get plus one day more in working days, if govt. look to the other GCC country and internationally.
At the same time we will request to the Shoura council to please order to the private sector to give two days holiday same as government. Weekly 40 hours work fix.


didnt know they voted for anything in saudi

Business Development

its really good that at last they decided to change the holiday to firday saturday, it was really hard to reach clients in KSA . we only had 3 days to reach them, as commonly Saudis they dont stay full day on Wednesdays and on Sundays in UAE we are doing the weekly reports and so, it left us only with monday and tuesday which is usually not good for business to reach your clients for 2 days only. am glad they will change it , i hope it will happen soon

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

The holidays in present days are not related to Religion .Even Islam does not necessarily says to have holiday and in Quran it is (Sua Juma ) said seek the activities of life after Friday prayer .There is no concept of weekend in Islam ,it is only the time of Friday prayer which is about two hours .The holiday is the invention of the Industrial times in the west . KSA have to move with the world and if it is considered to work with the other world ,there is no Harm in having Holiday on Saturday .As Quarn says all the days are equal and these days include Saturday it is just like other days for Muslims as we do not offer any special prayer like Friday in Saturday it is just good gesture and goodwill of KSA to accommodate the world by declaring Saturday as Holiday .

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