Saudi flight delayed over stewardess' lack of guardian

Passenger forcefully removed from plane after causing two hour delay


Welcome to the average Saudi Muslim Hood... Thamir, this is the truth we are facing in saudi... at least in some areas... let's not hide from it.. we are going backword in our civilization while everyone is going front word.. Have you asked yourself, why are all muslim countries in turmoil while none muslim countries are not... How sad...

Saudi Engineer


This is completely beside the point of the article, but...

If you believe there are no non-Muslim countries in turmoil you my friend obviously have never heard of Cyprus...or Greece.... Or most of the rest of Europe. They may not be rioting in the streets (yet) but their economies are in utter shambles. And in the case of Greece, they were actually rioting in the streets...and speaking of riots....London anyone?


May be he was trying to prove a point .

Thamir Ghaslan

Dear passengers,

under your seats, you will find life vests.
above you, oxygen masks.
to your right and left, emergency exit.
and next to me, my mahram.

Everyone calm down. This guy has been heavily ridiculed and does not represent an average Saudi.


@ Parvaiz...while these restrictions may have been suitable for the time in which they were ordained, surely they should be updated.

@ Thamir...while the guy may not represent an average Saudi, what he was saying is an accurate representation of the Saudi laws. As such, while the people may not be as parochial as the world believes, the laws and rules are.

Parvaiz Ahmad

I agree with Thamir. His actions do not represent an average Saudi. And I wonder if he has a maid servant at home?
This whole issue of Mahram, like so many other things about Islam is twisting and misrepresentation of facts. It does not need me to certify that Islam while laying down guidelines and rules for the human beings 1400 years ago has taken care of all that is practicable.

How many of us can imagine the travel conditions, even a few miles away from home, into the featureless desert that Arabia was 1400 years ago, when such restrictions for women were ordained.

Even today it is difficult and sometimes fatal to veer even a couple of miles from the main highways into the deserts without a GPS.

So for a women to have a Mahram with her in those days made perfect sense. And if one thinks about this issue seriously, lets us ask ourselves a basic question. How many of us are perfectly comfortable with our mothers, wives and daughters going out alone to distant places even today?


They should have pointed out that on the plane airside, she is not on Saudi soil.

Mike Gandhi

All house maids those are working in Saudi Homes have a male guardian ???????


@ Mike, This is very true. Why isn't he objecting to that one as well.. I think this man is still living in the stone age.


A simple question to this kind of Saudi brothers that whether you are going to be answerable to Allah (SWT) on the day of judegement for the ladies of your house hold or the ladies themself for their acts and deeds of their own?


I swear to god, I thought I was reading the Pan Arabia Enquirer...

petteri terho

so did I...


2012 john????

seems you are stuck in a time machine as well marty Mcfly
calm down
and learn to accept view and understand different opinions

fyi, i also dont agree with the guys behavior


Sending him back to 11th century is not a soloution. Different culture have different thoughts and views. Sometimes these thoughts and views may be very strange for people from other culture. There are incident when drunk passenger starts brawl with crew or even there were cases in US after 9/11, where passengers and crew refused to travel due to the presence of a Middle Eastern passenger on board. And what about Cate Stevenson (Yusuf Islam) denied from landing in US for some flimsy reason.


They're also obviously very strange to people of the same culture as well - this was a Saudi airline, with probably a majority of Saudi passengers. Yet only one of them had a complaint!


Housemaids will be safe, if he or the authorities implment it strongly. Do you think he is a guardian of his domestic helps? In that case, airline is the guardian of the female crew.


The passenger has a point, how can you advise women coming into Saudi that you are not to travel alone(without a mahram) when Saudi Airlines can allow stewardess's to travel alone. its a catch 22 situation.

Pat X

And at the same time they need to explain why thousands of maids are held at the airport on arrival until their (male) employer turns up to take them to the house. They don't insist that he's accompanied by a related female yet - under their own rules - he could be taken to court for being in a car alone with the maid.
These maids will then be expected to routinely serve meals and beverages to all the men in a household as well as their guests.
Similarly you see the Saudi ladies who insist that their maids sit in the front of the car beside the driver although he is, generally, not related to them and, therefore forbidden for them to sit close to.
By their own laws, all of these things are illegal.
Saudi society is full of these examples of something being said but only selectively applied as are, it has to be said, ALL societies to some extent or another.

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