Saudi follows UAE in BlackBerry ban

UPDATE 3: Saudi regulator orders telcos to freeze BlackBerry Messenger service this month.


Today in the news, RIM has allowed India to monitor the communication. They have done that to US/UK, I believe. They have also compromised with China on sharing security codes. Why not the same treatment with GCC. Although I am not in favour of BB ban, but looking at this discrimination, any nation would act in the same way. Its a sacrifice for UAE, but in my opinion it is justified to give RIM a message of national integrity. I feel whole middle east should act in-sync.


One step forwards, four steps backwards? Its no wonder poeple have a short term approach when moving to or setting up in the gulf. There is no reason to adopt a long term approach as the rules keep changing.

H20 Cooled

As if RIM cares about this ban in the UAE. The total number of users in the Middle East is a fraction of what the total U.S. annual sales are. If Europe, North America and Asia accept the RIM arrangement then perhaps the UAE needs to bark up a different tree.


I'm shocked that a freedom loving nation like Saudi would contemplate following the UAE's lead.


Reports claim that UK residents are the most spied on nation in the world. Surely, if the UK regulators have not banned BB then I can?t see why the UAE want to do that when countries like the USA and the UK that are security paranoid have not done so.

Telco guy

announcement (as usual) is short on details. Will this ban includes overseas visitors? How will it work? will blackberries be taken at the airport? will visitors bringing a forbidden blackberry be arrested? This will certainly help. And about the "concerned mother" who is so happy, yes right. Just because you could not control your kids everybody should be deprived of BBerry. Hey I guess nothing bad ever happened in the world before the evil BBerry was invented! To the ones asking why I am still here, because it is close to the countries that I need to travel, but do not worry, the attractiveness of Dubai keeps decreasing. You will soon get rid of me like you got rid of so many others. Guess what, which ones will be the ones leaving which ones will stay... think about that and that will give you some clues about the future.


Ban messenger,ban Youtube,ban Facebook,Ban Twitter,ban everything Blackberry and just ban anything that you could communicate with and allow others to communicate with lol.. Engadget just posted an article on this which can be seen here: This certainly is not a step forward for the UAE or Saudi if it follows the UAE. Censorship is now getting a bit on the extreme side and becoming a bit beyond conservative. Maybe they should just send everyone back home,ban all internet services and just stick to landlines..


Stay tuned to the Dubai blogs and information as to how to avoid "THE BAN" will be provided to all.


Dubai wants to position itself as a business hub and aspires to be another Hong Kong or Singapore... with TRA banning BB it's surely not going to help this cause... perhaps the govnt should reassess it's vision and benchmark itself against Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Tehran... I'm sure Doha and Bahrain are quietly ecstatic!


Here we go again with the "if you dont like it...leave" idiots... as usual...for goodness sake grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats! The issue is censorship - if it was not censorship, then why is there any issue at all - I agree that the government wants to ensure security for all, but the completely uncontrolled monitoring of private communications is not appropriate and is frowned upon in every normal society...oh...there...I said it... "normal society"...

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