Saudi food watchdog issues bottled water warning

High levels of bromate chemical found in water from Jibal Faifa Water Factory.

WATER WARNING: Officials have taken steps to have production stopped at the Jibal Faifa Water Factory. (Photo for illustrative purposes only)

WATER WARNING: Officials have taken steps to have production stopped at the Jibal Faifa Water Factory. (Photo for illustrative purposes only)

High levels of bromate have been found in bottled drinking water from the Jibal Faifa Water Factory in Saudi Arabia’s Sabya Governorate, local media reports on Monday.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has issued a warning after high levels of the chemical, suspected of causing cancer in humans, was discovered, the Saudi Gazette reports.

The factory is owned by Jazan Development Company (Jazadco) in Jazan region.

The SFDA inspects all bottled drinking water factories to monitor levels of bromate, which occurs when drinking water is treated.

Officials have written to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to stop the production of the bottled drinking water and remove it from the shelves, the paper reports.

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Posted by: Dorothy

Diane, you are 100% correct, as they are now recycling water bottles. But, Diane this was not always the case. Many of the bottles were not used at home and were not recycled. Toronto is the the only city in Ontario, that I am aware of, that has street recycle containers. Most of our treated tap water contains small amounts of medicinal wasted, due to the ignorance of people who flush their unused medicine down the drain or toilet. Who regulates where some of these water bottle producers obtain their water and how well it is filtered if at all? We have done this to ourselves with industrial and other contaminates emptied in to our drinking water sources. They pay a fine and are cited for improper waste management and continue to empty their waste into the same water source. In 1994 the Grand River was deemed a historical watershed. Well just take a canoe trip down any part of the Grand River and observe the refuse people dump into this multisupplier of water. It will sicken you to know that our tap water is delivered from this source. One day we will finding ourselves without drinkable water if this continues; and it will. Desalination of sea water is a startin the right direction, but this too will see many problems if our oceans continue to be contaminated . Before the Europeans arrived in North American, one could drink from any stream, creek or lake. We have done this to ourselves, industry, progress and the seapage of farmland waste into our water systems here in North Ameica is dispicable. In my humble opinion I believe that collidial silver is the answer, but that is an other debate.\ Diane, I appreciate you taking your time to correct me about recycling of water bottles. The advocatrs for pure drinking water have a huge task before them, and will not be solved in my lifetime. There is very little virgin soil left to grow organic food, which I believe is another government hype. Our World has too many people not enough food and in some cases not enough drinkable water, it will continue to worsen without the stricktest of laws which must be enforced, or the world as we know it , will no longer exhist. 2012 is the crossroad for man to change his ways or continue on as is now. Pay less attention to the climate, which we can do nothing about, and concentrate on making a safer and better world for our children and grandchildren. These are just my humble opinions, which are not very popular among many people. None the less I mean no disrespect to any person, government or culture. Thank you, especially to, which has allowed me to give freely and uncensored my humble opinions.

Posted by: Paul

...of course, the other side is that there's also a movement that believes the chemicals in plastic bottles can also affect the water contained within them - and thus, you as well. Fluoride and chlorine aren't added in any quantities dangerous to human health. The chlorine prevents any disease transmission (which is why no-one drinking tap water in Canada or Europe gets cholera) and every single country that has ever added fluoride to its drinking water has seen tooth decay rates plummet. And who on earth uses lead pipes? Traditionally, plastic and copper are used. Plastic is completely inert so you can't get bacteria surviving for very long, and copper is actually anti-bacterial in its own right. Having said that, I wouldn't drink the water out of pipes in the UAE as I've seen the shoddy build quality. The municipal pipes are fine; it's when you get into the buildings it becomes an issue.

Posted by: Dorothy

Well at least the SFDA inspects all drinking water factories. I am not so sure that we are as fortunate here in Canada. Here there has been much talk by the government for banning bottled drinking water completely. One of the main problems is what to do with the empty bottles. They cannot be recycled and do not break down in our garbage landfillls. Incouragement of purchasing water filter systems is being done. Small systems for in home use consist of a pitcher with replaceable filters. On larger scale the systems are incorperated with regular taps, for industry , schools, etc. In most cities the tap water is treated so it is drinkable, but addition of fluroide or clorine make for a harsh tasting water. The sale of personal drinking bottles has increased where bottled water is no longer available for sale. I commend the fact that bottled water plants are inspected in the Gulf. Here we really don't know where some brands obtain their water and just which are safe to drink? One way or another I never thought I'd see a day when we would pay for a bottle of water! Nor huge profits made from this! Some of the above is my humble opinion, some is actual facts. I mean no direspect to any persons or governments. Thank you

Posted by: bert

can we know the label on the bottled water so we can avoid from buying in the stores?

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