Saudi prince in call to arm Syrian rebels

Ex-intelligence chief Prince Turki says rebels should get anti-aircraft, tank weapons


How does he feel about arming the uprising in his own country and Bahrain where poor people are asking for democracy and a better share of the wealth and how the country is run! A reply on this question will now doubt go unanswered.


A democracy would be great news, for Burger King and McDonalds... As for solving all kinds of socio-economic issues these countries face, hardly. On top of that, Western forms of democracies as currently in place are heavily outdated. Voting for a president or PM who sits in office for X-number of years to make all the decisions thereafter, and then judging them in retrospect, not very advanced in a world where 85% of populations can be reached everywhere and always through modern communication technologies. What people want instead of democracy, is currency, cash. Some countries should understand that instead of demolishing their country through uprisings and putting a new puppet with empty pockets in place (and all whom he appoints to rebuild and fill their pockets), they might be better off with the one in seat who has already filled his pockets..

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