Saudi seeks 45k new Ethiopian maids per month

Gulf kingdom wants Ethiopian workers following ban on Filipinos, Indonesians

Saudi Arabia plans to import 45,000 Ethiopian nationals into the kingdom every month in order to meet its requirement for domestic workers.

Maids from the African nation have been in high demand since the Gulf’s most populous nation placed a ban on recruiting workers from the Philippines and Indonesia after those countries imposed stricter employment conditions, the Saudi Gazette reported.

Noor Adeen Masfa, Vice Consul for Economic Affairs in Jeddah, said his department had met with committees from the Ethiopian Ministry of Labour in a bid to facilitate the transfer of Ethiopian workers to the kingdom.

However, the lack of sufficient flights between Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and Saudi hubs has caused delays.

The conservative Kingdom has been forced to find alternative locations from which to source domestic workers in recent months.

Last year, Saudi Arabia stopped issuing visas for domestic workers from the Philippines and Indonesia after those governments attempted to impose stricter conditions on Saudi employers, such as higher minimum pay and better working conditions.

Saudi’s Ministry of Labour this week dismissed those demands as “illogical”.

There are approximately 1.2m Filipinos working in the kingdom alone, with 180,000 of these being domestic helpers.

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Posted by: british citizen

How many ethiopian maid die or disapear in UAE? Now they want to do the same in KSA in a much larger scale.
Shame on you guys: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights". So having the right to be paid monthly, to be free to move in the house at night is not illogical, it's called freedom. I wish you had that in your dictionary.

Posted by: liza

U R SOO RIGHT.but this people will never see they should be left to clear their own mess...

Posted by: zooey

45,000 per MONTH? for how many months? within a year there would be 450,000, within 2 years, a million! surely some mistake in the figure here? Not enough planes to transport them? Perhaps they can come by boat? pack them in slave ships?? I wonder how much the Ethiopian government has negotiated with the Ministry of Labour for the wages of the maids, and what are the conditions of service? - no better than for the far east Asian maids, I'm sure. Great, so we will be getting maids cheaper, so we can abuse them even more! A'oothubillahi min thalik! May Allah protect us/them from that.

Posted by: British Expat

Saudi doesnt have good track record on Human Rights, so rather than improving their standards they have started recruiting maids from poorer countires.

Posted by: Hassan

I think having so many maids is not so good for any society. Members of the household with a maid in it become arrogant and lazy. Not all, but I've seen it first hand.

There was great wisdom in the prophet telling his own daughter to remember God and be content when she asked for a maid. He turned her request down for a great wisdom. It would be better for their own society and also the society from which these workers come to put their attention and labor to better use in other industries.

Thanks for reading, now back to work everyone. Look busy.

Posted by: Anonymous

Yes, the government in the Philippines wanted stricter work conditions like you can't beat the maids, you can't lock them in their rooms at night, you can't not pay them for months at a time, you can't not feed them, all very "illogical" as the Saudi official says.....

Posted by: procan

These are chilling stories . How dose a society so religious get this way.

Posted by: Faris Khan

I do not blame the Phillippines Government at all in seeking to protect its citizens from quite a large number of Saudi and other Middle Eastern Countries employers feel it is acceptable to beat, abuse ,torture and rape the maids.

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