Saudi sex bragger jailed for five years

Three friends who appeared with Mazen Abdul Jawad on the show are given two-year terms.

A Saudi man who boasted about his sex life on television was sentenced to five years in jail on Wednesday, his lawyer said.

Mazen Abdul Jawad was convicted by a criminal court on Sharia law-based charges relating to immoral behaviour, Sulaiman al-Jimaie told AFP.

Three friends who appeared on the show with him were given two-year terms, Jimaie said.

In July, Abdul Jawad appeared on an episode of Lebanon-based LBC television's racy show "Bold Red Line."

On the show, filmed in his Jeddah bachelor's apartment, he talked about picking up women and displayed sex aids and toys on camera.

The episode, viewed many times on YouTube, outraged many in the conservative Islamic kingdom and led to his arrest on July 31.

Jimaie said the conviction was wrong because Abdul Jawad should have been tried in a court that specialised in media issues, not the criminal court.

"My client has been presented to the people as a scapegoat to cover up the real culprit LBC," Jimaie said in a statement issued after the verdict was announced.

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Posted by: Nasser

should be punished - 5 years and a thousand lashes does sound a bit excessive though. This guy is the tip of the iceberg. The unfortunate truth is that the sort of vices he boasted about is common practice all over Saudi (who's read Girls of Riyadh??). This dude was just stupid enough to blow his mouth off on national TV and get caught.

Posted by: ak

First, who are we to punish him??? im sure he isnt the first person doing this...just because his sin was played on TV, hes being questioned for it??? and this is not a crime...maybe admitting is but not doing it...He married, children, no children is his problem...his personal life...LBC shouldv restricted the questions asked, simple...or the episode shouldv been erased by the CENSOR BOARD... He was stupid to admit it in the open, but that is HIS PERSONAL life...why did LBC braodcast it when they know viewers WILL GET ENRAGED....

Posted by: Sergei Kuk

This guy has been hung out to dry simply because the TV channel set him up and the Court wanted to appease the strict "religious" (supposedly "religious" but usually hypocrites) types in Saudi. Apparently he did not believe he was being recorded on most occasions and the "sex toys" were supplied by the TV Channel as props. He should be freed.

Posted by: Dr Jadoon

This is an example set for others. This is the divine law. In your privacy, society is not responsible for your crimes. But when you bring it to public then you must be punished. All systems of current world are based on the principals of Secularism, Nationalism and Democracy. These are the root cause of all the problems in the world. Divine law provides you with Monotheism, Humanity and Democracy (under the umbrella of divine guidance). These laws protect society as a whole by punishing such crimes when opened to public.

Posted by: observer

I think he should've had the common sense to not be so gullible and believe the channel when they goaded him on to reveal scandalous details. He's living in the age of reality television- he should've been aware that scandal sells- and the spicier it is, the better. Did he really think the TV channel people were his childhood buddies? His naivete got him into the situation he's in - religion, the TV channel, the Saudi govt, has nothing to do with it. HE could have prevented this from happenning by not getting carried away.

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