Saudi to start fining firms with expat majorities

Gulf kingdom to implement crackdown on Thursday in bid to create more jobs for locals


I think Saudi's demand on every level of work will be realized, I think also that there workforce is on the way and will be highly professionalized. But demands will surely hire expats today and on the way. A working Saudi will be a good habit. Resources both natural and manpower is busy partnership.


I like this discussion! I can only contribute a personal view.
Whatever anyone thinks from his personal experiance, the Saudies care correct to promote integration and foreign skills. Howerever like all countries They are tied with history and change is not easy- look at Iran ( and what the Shah did with the blessing of US) and all turmoil in the world. Sweden were I was born had a narrow escape from communism, other countries not. Absolute rule, normally absolutely corrupts-with few exceptions. Change comes - sometimes by Nature - and this cannot be disputed, but change imposed by rulers is a different thing . Very tricky-
I salute Saudi, if they can bring about a change and an adaption without too much bloodshed and misery. The world through history is filed with this.
Who is right and WHO IS WRONG-gives a good true example of this. It is only possible to try and not cause to much suffering in the process. No one is right - and as the English say You try to muddle through./ K


Every country must take care of the interests of its own citizens, not its guests. Kudos to Saudis and hopefully the same will soon be implemented throughout the Arabian Gulf. Happy UAE National Day.



My friend, that applies to every claim.

I travel to Saudi every month, and every firm I meet has a very high percentage of Saudis, in addition to the numerous international firms outside Saudi which have hired Saudis.

What international standards are you referring to? The ones that bankrupted your financial system, and showed all the frauds in your banks? The ones that have caused 25% unemployment in Spain and Greece? The ones where the most senior members of your government have affairs and disclose national security information?

Please tell us which international standards to follow.


May be you are correct; but why doesn't the government bring in harsher penalties; e.g. restrict visas to expats, strict rules on qualifications, higher penalties, increased visa fees etc.etc.
Because the government wants to promote a free market. With a highly mobile global workforce, private sector will simply go for best value for money, you can not blame them because the private sector is essentially profit driven. You can not blame the expats either; because their intention when they take a job in the Gulf is not to undermine local population, but to make a better living themselves. It is all demand supply forces in a globalized labour market.
It is a difficult situation for you guys, only time will tell how things will work out.



The burden of proof is on the accuser, isn't that the western rule of law? If anyone has clear proof of the weakness of the Saudi work ethic let them prove it. Otherwise be silent, we're bored of the usual expat mythologies.
Saudi Arabia has moved from a country on the verge of starvation in the 1940s to a G20 nation.
I rest my case.


Do you mean besides the fact that Saudi companies do not seem to be keen on hiring them?
Or the very limited presence of Saudis in MNCs?
BTW Nirsly that applies only in penal processes. I think that is this different in this region, really nice to see that you for once are not sticking to the law of the land. Maybe it is a signal that you are getting closer to accept international standards.

However in the workplace usually it is up to each person to proof their worthiness.


Usual bigoted dribble, most expat commentators have not even worked in Saudi with Saudis to judge.

Just keep the usual expat stereotype of Saudis alive to keep themselves in employment. Can't go home anymore back to Europe, no work there.

Who works in Europe? Who cleans streets, runs transport, immigration, banks? Not Europeans. What European work ethic, Greece? Spain?


must be wonderful Nirsly to have the gift of knowing things with such certainty and having the self-confidence to pontificate in public without a shred of evidence to support your stance.

Dubai resident

I think you'll find the vast majority of those positions are filled by Europeans.

You've likely confused the figures, i.e. percentage of a job that are a racial group/vs percentage of a racial group that do that job.

For example, (and these are made up figure to demonstrate what I mean, rather than state a fact), take cleaners. While 40 per cent of non-Europeans might work as cleaners, they might only make up 5 per cent of the total workforce.

Either way, I think there are valid points on both sides.

Saudi's shouldn't be forced into blue collar jobs (any more than companies should be forced to give them white collar jobs). But there does have to be a realisation amongst the less academically adept Saudis (and there will be many; just as there will be main academically talented Saudis), that their careers lie in blue collar roles.

That's just a fact of a modern economy, be it Saudi or a European country.


While sumeet's opinions though probably non-genuine, hit one accurate point, i.e. "work ethic", if Saudi government just address this single point about the saudi work force they will God willing replace most expats in no time.

Saudia has large scale oil and non petroleum based sectors thier potential is truely massive if explioted fully.. they can create huge solar farms to power thier industry or alternatively to have more oil for export... , they produce manufactured items at a relaltively low cost thanks to thier low cost of energy, clear weather, and security.

but i do think Mr Sumeet is jealous his "shining India" cant even provide stable electricity or toliets for the vast majority of indians... but of course the indians prefer going to the moon.... :)

Saudi Engineer

I think one main point all the commenters have failed to see is that the fine is relatively low at 2400 SR/year. This is not meant to deter companies from bringing in foreign executives, or even Westerners in general. Because when his/her salary is 30,000/month 2400 for a year is less than 1%. This fine is most likely intended to prevent firms from hiring low-paid workers, and trying to replace them with Saudis - whether low or high paid. Considering the fine is very low (200 SR/month) this will probably not result in the hiring of many Saudis, but will deter the small business owners of bringing in a low-paid foreigner to work in a small market or car wash etc.


I wonder how long it will be before we see Saudi nationals working at the corner store or taking a chamois to someone else's car to dry it off.....


cSaudis being competitive is a dream for them, lucky for us neither saudi government is doing the right thing nor the saudi people.

Saudi governments blames the private sector when reality the real problem is a highly uncompetitive saudi workforce, which lacks education, experince and most important a good work ethic. Saudis are deluded in thinking they can "handle" jobs ..

Great India


The fact that you sitting in UAE and commenting on a topic that doesn't concearn you, is actually proof that you are jealous. "It may make you feel all warm and cozy to think that people are so jealous of you, but truth is most people are not." LoooooL at your comment. Go home bro, you are obviously overstaying your welcome in the middle east. The fact that the Govt needs to implement a rule like this, means that it is needed and neither you or me have any say in this. When in Rome do as the ........, you get the point i'm guessing...


@Raju, I think there is some kind of misunderstanding here, I will try to explain it: When most people talk about "hiring" they are thinking of someone able to deliver a certain added value, when you talk of companies being forced to hire you are just thinking of collecting a check and (maybe) showing up.
There are far too few competent Saudis, that is a real problem. In fact most competent Saudis realize that. Unfortunately it seems that majority, or at least a large chunk of the population does not realize that.
A problem that is not unique to KSA, for sure. The west, specially southern european countries have been struggling for some time with degrees of little or none value.
It may make you feel all warm and cozy to think that people are so jealous of you, but truth is most people are not. Not that you will change your views, and honestly not that I care either.
Also, I am not sure you want to start a discussion about poverty in KSA, you know those with glass roofs and all that


Saudis being competetive is not the solution, but forcing companies to hire is a very big step. Yes you are jealous, it shows clearly that you are. Either you are working in Saudi, and are upset with the new rule, or the fact that you are sitting in India and making a comment on this site, which is obviously not your concearn anyway, shows us that you are jealous. Congradulation on making a toaster and going to the moon, but what good did that bring you, did you make sure that every house in India owns one?



You didnt even understand what is being discussed.

Critisim of saudi stems for what you do and what people see.....

jealously? for what?.. what is it you have done that makes us jealous?.... did you go to the moon?,.. heck i will would be jealous if you guys could figure how to make a toaster.
you need whether u like it or not.

Thamir Ghaslan

Stop deluding yourself with India.

I suggest you Google a zillion reasons to escape from India.

Not very flattering numbers of poverty, education, corruption, human rights abuses, human trafficking, armed conflict in every state, and on and on and on. India is worst than Africa combined.

Critics of Saudi stems from 3 reasons, jealousy, ignorance, or spite.

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