Saudis not interested in jobs, moans car boss

Head of country's General Syndicate of Cars believes nationalising local workforce is "impossible"

Saudi men inspect a Lamborghini at a luxury auto show in Riyadh, late on October 10, 2011. (AFP/Getty Images)

Saudi men inspect a Lamborghini at a luxury auto show in Riyadh, late on October 10, 2011. (AFP/Getty Images)

Saudi Arabia's General Syndicate of Cars (GSC) said nationalising the local job market was “impossible”, with few Saudis applying for positions, it was reported.

The secretary-general of GSC, Marwan Zabidi, said the syndicate’s 12-year efforts to 'Saudise' jobs had proved unsuccessful.

“Saudis are not interested in these jobs because they are temporary seasonal jobs and it requires hard work,” he was quoted as saying by Al-Eqtisadiah business daily.

“Some Saudis have also failed to pass the necessary medical tests due to certain illnesses.”

Zabidi said despite their efforts, including numerous campaigns costing more than SR500,000 ($133,373), it had only achieved 7 percent Saudisation.

He said only 2,000 Saudis and residents had applied for jobs at the syndicate this year, but 60 percent of recruits were made up of expatriates.

He said companies had resorted to recruiting workers from outside the country.

Zabidi described the Ministry of Labour’s requirement of a 10 percent Saudisation of jobs as “impossible.”

Zabidi said if dedicated institutions were not established to provide necessary training to Saudis as drivers, then Saudisation would never be realised.

“The relevant government bodies concerned with the Saudisation process are discussing possible solutions for Saudisation,” he was quoted as saying.

“Their recommendations will be submitted to the concerned authorities.”

The GSC expects to transport 1.3m pilgrims this year during the Haj season, compared to 1.6m last year.

“We’ve set up an administrative and security system to ensure the proper scheduling of drivers and to avoid their exhaustion which may cause accidents,” Zabidi said.

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Posted by: Aziz

I totally agree with Omar, regarding the editorial quality.

Regarding possibility of hiring Saudis as HV drivers, I was in charge of hiring Saudis for a logistic company and we succeed when we did it the right way, got of the greedy short thinking mindset. As we were paying Filipino drivers more than other Asian drivers because they were not accepting less, we paid Saudis more. And we linked the pays to the productivity and profitability, drivers with more trips got more pay.

With Saudi drivers we had less headache.

Posted by: vincent

Typical reaction !!!!!
Unable, I should say, ''unwilling'' to discuss the real issues of unemployment within the Saudi society and confront facts, implemented solutions and results, you both prefer to put a blind eye on a real big issue which is officially recognized by prominent figures of the state and leaders of local/foreigners companies so better to argue about the FORM instead of the CONTENT.
Still the reality of high unemployment rate, due to a lack of will to work, may be because too many people in Saudi and other countries in the Middle East rely on their government to support them financially as ''the norm'' , is a fact and the roots of this problematic situation have to be found deep in the education as well as the systematic support of governments to hide problem instead of solved them, worldwide trend actually, but much more widely present in all stratums of the ME society

Posted by: Omar

I must highlight your poor editorial of this subject. Firstly the word "moan" means a long, low sound that someone makes because of pain, unhappiness, or physical pleasure. It also means to whine, cry, blubber, weep, snivel, etc. Thus you are implying that Mr. Zabidi is making excuses in stating his opinion about Saudisation.

Furthermore Mr. Zabidi is not a "car boss" and the photo attached to this article has nothing to do with the subject. Had your editor looked up "General Syndicate of Cars" he would have realised that they are a transportation company and the jobs in question relate to driving buses, primarily to transport pilgrims to the Hajj. Thus it would be more approriate to term Mr. Zabidi as a "transportation boss".

Really, the editorial quality of this publication could be outdone by a primary school child!

Posted by: RAK

Absolutely agree with you. But then again, AB would not be able to create the buzz without the sensational headlines, which all that they want

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