Shared World Cup is crazy says UAE soccer chief

Yousuf Al Serkal laughs off notion of UAE hosting games at Qatar 2022 World Cup


Sharing the world cup amongst the GCC is a really stupid idea and I note it is only people from outside of Qatar that are pushing this idea. Can you imagine the logistics and visa headaches of England or Germany or Brazil for example playing one game in Qatar and then the next game in Saudi and a third game in Kuwait? It is simply ridiculous and why should these football fans be forced to pay all these extra costs of travel and accommodation just so other GCC countries jealous of Qatars success can steal some of the glory. This is Qatars deal.....they have been awarded the world cup alone and other GCC countries should be proud of their achievement - not try to steal some of the action that they have put in zero effort for.


@Monkey, I was in the spirit of fairness and not jealousy like yours. As I said I would not force a country to share its success with me by force, its their choice. And What's good for one GCC country is good for all GCC countries.

@john from france, and how do you know that Omanis are treated like dirt ? This is a big claim your making, one that you are only brave enough to say behind pc screen. If you confidient enough go ahead and ask ANY Omani how they are treated. This is not Europe, we don't treat each other like many Western Europeans treat Eastern Europeans.


By 2022, the Arabian Gulf nations will be a formidable economic and political power to reckon with. The infrastructure for the world cup is already in place, all that is needed is some revamping and refurbishing here and there. All the best to the Arabian Gulf countries for hosting the world cup 2022 which will generate thousands of jobs and be an additional boost to the already strong economies that are playing a major positive role in the faltering global economy.


@Qatari, it may shock you but some people's jobs involve more than showing up to collect the pay check. They may even require knowledge, skill and qualifications. Shocking news, I know

And out of curiosity, yes I know an astronaut (not hard to guess, we only have one in Spain). He was a student in one short course on functional programming I helped to prepare long, long time ago in my engineering school. That was before his first mission though maybe it does not qualify for you

Funny, I had almost totally forgotten


@James, Ya sure, online you could be an astronaut, in real life your a just a person who can do the same amount a local can do for much less.


@ Qatari - Then, sadly, your facts are incorrect. I know for a fact there are no locals qualified to do what I do. I know this as the professional body which sanctions my profession have no GCC nationals registered :)

I have no doubt a local could do it quite well though, with the proper training.


@James, Fact.


@Qatari, is this an opinion or fact? we need facts here, keep opinions to yourself.


@ michael, everyone knows the amount of nepotism in this region that makes a western plumber become a senior manager and an Asian clerk become the head of a bank's department and the locals are not bearing the brunt of it, it is the poor customers who have to pay a heavy price for such incompetent people occupying the wrong seats that should have been occupied by employees based on their experience and accomplishments not based on friendships but that's another story, let us not wander from the interesting article because there is a lot to be revealed and will be revealed about the widespread nepotism in the region but at the right time...


You make a lot of assumptions there Aziz. I've been in the Middle East for 6 years and love it quite frankly. But that doesn't change the fact that all the infrastructure is not there. Perhaps you can explain to me how you arrived to you conclusions?

Quite how you got 'frustration' from my post is beyond me...

But if you want to see something where there is nothing I cannot help really...


@michael, it's more like he gets it because its cheaper for them to hire James than to get a professional local to do it.


It will definatelty be to unite the arab countries and their internal divisions.
Sports and specially football bring passion for the nations together.


@procan, is this an opinion or fact? we need facts here, keep opinions to yourself.


The World Cup 2022 will hopefully be shared by all Arabian Gulf nations as one body and one entity.


whats the point of bringing politics again into the formula said earlier the person responsible for arabian business news letter is anti Bahraini for sure.

"But at this moment it is unlikely that there will be any agreement between us and Sheikh Salman," he said of the Bahraini who is part of the ruling family which is trying to contain continued violent unrest and political turmoil in his homeland."

Angelika Lancsak

Another 9 years left to fill the media with articles / discussions about the topic:-)) A long way to go...


The World Cup 2022 will benefit Qatar and our brothers in GCC countries directly and indirectly. One for all, all for one.

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