Shock video appears to show Emirati attacking Indian

UAE national appeared to attack man following minor traffic incident in Dubai


Who is fooling who John ? It seems we don't share the same values as you value much more a small bump on a car to the right for anybody to preserve his/her physical integrity, did you hear about human rights? However in a fair judicial system none is allowed to seek revenge or to implement his/her justice and by the way "humiliate a local national" I'm about to feel tears falling from my eyes, really ? Are you from Mars or what ? If there is any community or minority which has to be protected in UAE, it's not the Local but Labors and unskilled persons.


so what's the moral reference now, "an eye for an eye" or "turn your left cheek"?... Obviously, both slipped the poor man's mind.


The gentlemen that filmed should be rewarded and not prosecuted.
The aggressor should be locked and his face should be published so he will not repeat the aggression!


Dear Paul, for your information it seems this man has been arrested and will be prosecuted. Also this man seems to be a prominent Dubai municipality member so he should, as persons who has authority, show example as policemen.

suresh kumar

Really it?s shocking news, because last 16 years we are staying in Dubai. I think the guy has some problem. Anyhow we believe the UAE Government. They will take it very seriously.

Monkey Tennis

It's a sad indictment of the times we live in that everyone is lionising the actions of a person who sat safely in his car and filmed an assault and didn't do a thing to prevent it. No-one seems interested in reporting on or discussing the gentleman who eventually broke this fight up - he is the only protagonist in the entire affair who acted honourably.

Anas Anis

The Indian driver deserves to be reprimanded in public because there are many drivers who drive as though they are driving on the unruly streets of Mumbai or Karachi forgetting that is is DUBAI where there is law & order and a strict driving code of conduct.


@Brian - that is not true, in fact the safest roads in the GCC are in Dubai because of fine job the police force has done and the amount of camera's with a black point system. The dangerous roads award, I believe, was given to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


Really Mr Anas Anis? What an impressive exercise in style !!!
In the same sentence emphasize the right for people to exercise justice by themselves and talk about Law and Order in the UAE . . . It's well known worldwide that doing justice by yourself and punishment on public square are practices and the demonstration of an healthy juridical system we can "enjoy" in recognized democracy. Why not whipped and beheaded him?

Brian Deane

This is nonesence . The biggest offenders of breaking traffic laws in Dubai are locals . That's why the UAE has the highest road accidents in the ME and probably the world.


A humanitarian recorded these events and was clearly appalled by it, so he uploaded it for others to view.
If he had not captured it, we would be none the wiser and an Innocent Indian driver would have been persecuted.

Fortunately someone did record it, but now his crime is greater than beating someone in front of others whether that is recorded or not.

Rather sad the way it is looking now, but let us not rush into judgement. There is still time for redemption.


@John - one small problem: for the hit and run part, we only have the abuser as a witness, and he might have a bit of a bias. Now if only we had video evidence that proved who was really at fault...


Your post is a little bit confusing.

We have a recorded offense, but that is much less relevant than an alleged offense, of which there is no hard-proof. In my little village we would say that you inhabit an "evidence-free alternative reality" but I certainly would like to hear your explanation


Who are you fooling nimby, he uploaded the video with mal intent and to humiliate a local national. The mindset of this Indian driver was wrong - you don't hit a car and flee the accident- he committed an offense and I hope he get repremanded by the law.


John, next time be sure to look at the owner/driver of a luxury vehicle.. or a car which is doing burn outs and driving very badly..


we all can easily lose our Temper , which does not excuse what he have done. But being honest with ourselves...we all could beat up someone facing all this ignorant and unskilled drivers daily on the roads. Who are we to judge? We all are human being make mistakes small and big once everyday.


To all you 'esteemed' expats commenting here, anyone who has lived in Dubai long enough, can see through this clear cut agenda of the filmer. The offense was not filming it, it was putting it on u-tube with malintent. Yes, all these tourists are flashing pictures around Dubai, but they are not putting the pictures on u-tube to expose a crime or person


Mary - I hope it happens with you next !


So the real offense is not committing a crime but denouncing it.
I think I see a pattern here actually.

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