Surge in Gulf buyers snapping up Palm holiday homes


I do not count it as something which is promoting the real estate value of palm. It means that the sense of community living is going get worse, as we are talking about second homes and holiday homes. So, are they just selling the whole palm as a resort?.

andrew jones

The is real estate speak at its worst! Some call a spade 'a spade' and others call it a 'mechanical device for lifting material from the ground'. This article says nothing really and i have no idea why one expert is being quoted, It must be a slow news day!

Red Snappa

The knock on effect of Nakheel's tactics toward its owners and the unfortunate publicity resulting, will only start to exert downward pressure on values in 2013.

Also 2012 was a primary period of Arab Spring backlash relocation as well, so that would logically replace the Russian element.

However, rest assured there are plenty of owners on the Palm Jumeirah, that would cheerfully sell up but can't!


Can some one tell me what does below statement mean? Are they talking of real estate market or the bond market??

?Obviously there is a comfort zone and especially if you can get more for your money. You do find the Russians like a fixed price so if the market is moving upwards they take longer to negotiate, where as other nationalities track the market and push for an upward curve,? Towers said.

I do not know which other nationality does not like a fixed price or more for your money!!!

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