Tablet computer for women launched in Dubai

Device for women features apps for shopping, weight loss, recipes and pregnancy


I'm sure Eurostar will be overjoyed to see the rest of the world laughing at them -

one of the joes

Are they checking for marriage certificates of the final recipient of that so called product?
Otherwise I trust it can be construed as encouragement of illicit affaires - the pregnancy app clearly would help girls find out when to best not get pregnant.
Isn't that a criminal offense in itself?


This is so wrong, so sexist and so dumb! Sometimes you just wish there was a global regulatory institute to keep stupid ideas off the market. Or perhaps someone should make a tablet for said "chairman of the company" with a built in app on how to clean, do building security and drive a taxi :)


hahahaha. i'm crying with laughter!


Ahahahaha....... this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard off. I am a little curious why a woman would need this product anyway, I mean I cook, calorie count and also interested in my wife?s pregnancy, I'm also into yoga! Ummm am I a woman? Anyway, plus all my science, news and stock/financing apps, I get these too on my ipad Wow, the Middle East, still seems to surprise me!


I think its a fantastic idea that someone has developed something exclusively for women. Yes it might be overdone a bit but have seen it in SHaraf & the product is good.....Well done Eurostar !


It is a good marketing startegy. They should even include women forum, chat room only for women...etc...A tool that already has applications installed is very good for womens since some may not be aware of applications available for download. Womens day would be made special by gifting such products to them.


Are you serious??? Basically it's a cheap tablet with a few apps aimed at women and named after a sanitary hygene product. I bet a man came up with this idea!!!!


Oh no not again - first we had the pink laptops, pink phones etc. This can only be developed by a man that surely has no clue what women want.
Females have broader interests than yoga, cooking and calories - I just hope the person who thought this is a great idea, has a better understanding of his wife.
Please drop the stereotypical idea you have about females - wake up, it is 2013!


Another cheap tablet with some apps for women users. All tabs are the same and any male or female user can install apps as they require.

Why does all dumb gimmicks find a market in UAE???


Sounds like a feminine hygiene product.....

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