Ten reasons to put down your coffee cup

Addicted to that morning cuppa? Arabian Business takes a look at the negative effects of the world’s most popular hot drink
People who drink coffee get less sleep which in turn inhibits their ability to handle stress.

People who drink coffee get less sleep which in turn inhibits their ability to handle stress.

Coffee has been hailed as the magical elixir to youth, energy and high metabolism, but when it comes down to it, we all love coffee for the ritual that it is associated with.

The smell of roasted beans in the morning, the hiss of the boiling kettle and the familiar coffee shop packaging that signals the start of our day.

So why was it that when I decided to go on a detox diet - which called for refraining from drinking the stuff for a week - did I experience a heightened concentration levels and an unusual calmness in my daily routine?

As it turns out, the disadvantages of coffee far outweigh the positive effects.

Purely ground coffee may have some advantages in the short term, but taking a closer look at the side effects it incurs on the body and mind I was alarmed at the information I uncovered…

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1. Coffee increases anxiety: Coffee damages the nervous system.

People who drink coffee get less sleep which in turn inhibits their ability to handle stress.

Stress is even heightened as soon as the hot liquid enters your system.

It releases hormones like epinephrine, cortisol, and glucocoticoids, which result in the immediate boost we are all familiar with, but later results in long-term tension and anxiety.

2. Coffee ages your skin: A lack of good sleep is like putting a huge dent in your regeneration time.

Premature aging is also caused by the dehydrating effects of coffee.

You probably already know this, but coffee does not count as part of your daily liquid allowance, it actually hinders it and leaves your skin dry and susceptible to permanent damage.

3. Caffeine impedes creativity: Whether you are in a creative job role or not, multiple daily tasks and problem-solving skills require a certain level of creativity.

Marina Konnikova, a New Yorker contributor and the author of The New York Times bestseller "Mastermind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes"  stated, “Creative insights and imaginative solutions often occur when we stop working on a particular problem and let our mind move on to something unrelated. In one recent study, participants showed marked improvements on a task requiring creative thought… after they had engaged in a different, undemanding task that facilitated mind wandering.

"The more their mind wandered when they stepped away, the better they fared at being creative.”

Simply put, caffeine results in pinpoint focus, but it doesn't allow the mind to wander and fries the creative process.  

4. Caffeine is a major cause of depression: Coffee drinkers have lower levels of serotonin synthesis in the brain, which is the hormone responsible for releasing feelings of well-being and happiness.

The bestselling author of “Caffeine Blues” and pioneer in the field of anti-aging, Stephen Cherniske, stated that countless coffee drinkers end up taking anti- depressants because of the lack of sleep, fatigue, and many psychological issues that result.  

5. Caffeine affects the absorption of certain medications: Tricylic antidepressants are completely deterred once ingested with coffee.

Cherniske also adds that one cannot truly get off anti- depressants while still drinking coffee.

So it’s basically a vicious cycle with coffee being a major catalyst in the equation.

6. The energy boost coffee results in is only an illusion: The immediate pick-me-up we feel from caffeine is nothing more than your body struggling to adjust to the increased levels of stress hormones.

According to Cherniske, as soon as you drink coffee your body starts producing adrenalin, “Adrenalin is what gives athletes that winning burst of energy and Good Samaritans the ability to rescue people by lifting cars.

"By stimulating your adrenal glands to produce adrenalin, caffeine puts your body in this "fight-or-flight" state, which is useless while you're just sitting at your desk.

"When this adrenal high wears off later, you feel the drop in terms of fatigue, irritability, headache or confusion.”

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Posted by: hussein

Whad do you suggest to drink instead of coffeeeeeee?

Posted by: max

Beware all caffeine - it is medically known ( Moorfield Hospital - London) to increase pressure in the eye. High pressure in the eye causes glaucoma, for which there is no cure and causes blindness. (Pressure in the eye has nothing to do with high blood pressure). Glaucoma is fairly common in Middle East ( not catching). Get your eye pressure tested every 2 years - especially if you are over 40.

Posted by: Enots

For no good or bad reason; I gave it up and don't miss it much...

Posted by: Louie Tedesco

With no bonus payment again in 2013, a measly 1.5 percent salary increase with the cost-of-living inflation running at 10 percent, who can AFFORD coffee in Dubai?!

Posted by: Valerie M Houghton Registered Dietitian

Let's use evidence based research as opposed to Google research to address health questions: This article reads well but full of pure bunk. To address one issue-caffeine and dehydration which was debunked yrs. ago: For exampl
"The available literature suggests that acute ingestion of caffeine in large doses (at least 250-300 mg, equivalent to the amount found in 2-3 cups of coffee or 5-8 cups of tea) results in a short-term stimulation of urine output in individuals who have been deprived of caffeine for a period of days or weeks. A profound tolerance to the diuretic and other effects of caffeine develops, however, and the actions are much diminished in individuals who regularly consume tea or coffee. Doses of caffeine equivalent to the amount normally found in standard servings of tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks appear to have no diuretic action.
J Hum Nutr Diet. 2003 Dec;16(6):411-20. Also:
Caffeine ingestion and fluid balance: a review.Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2005 Jun

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