Ten ways to jump start your brain

Arabian Business recommends the best strategies to get your game face on all day, every day

Men are blessed with minds that are quick to solve problems, calculate numbers and navigate directions. But when it comes to long term memory and verbal fluency, women reign superior. 

So how do you ensure that you bring these skills to the table at the workplace on a daily basis and keep your brain capacity at its maximum throughout the entire day?

Here are some little tricks that can be easily included in your busy schedule to keep you alert throughout a demanding day.


Research has shown that regular cardio can improve your memory and the best way to do it is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Get this out of the way by walking or running on a treadmill for just 25 minutes and you’ll feel an invigorating sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the bonus points of increased endorphins (the happy hormone) and fat blasting results.


Skipping breakfast has always been frowned upon and for good reasons too. So regardless of how busy your schedule is, make the time to fit in the most important meal of the day. Add Walnuts to your low fat yogurt along with berries and a high fiber cereal for the perfect instant parfait. The combination of protein, omega-3 and fiber will keep your energy steady and your stomach full throughout the day


A spritz of your favourite perfume is all it takes to switch into on mode. Studies have found that Rosemary and Cinnamon increase your cognitive speed and accuracy. Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million or Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue both have them as their key ingredient to success.


Always keep a stick peppermint or cinnamon sugar free gum handy. Chewing gum increases the speed of your visual and motor responses while sending an heightened level of oxygen to your brain.


Your brain is made up of 75 percent liquid. So it is natural that a lack of hydration slows down your brain function. Try to get in at least 2 liters of water a day to increase concentration and deter fatigue.


According to the Globe and Mail, clenching your left fist activates the right side of your brain, which is the creative side that is best at expressive and intuitive tasks.


Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in cold water fish such as salmon, herring and cod. These acids are crucial for optimal brain function and eyesight. If you find yourself having trouble learning a new task or sometimes struggle with memory then chances are you are not having enough Omega-3s. Our bodies cannot produce this vital nutrient; therefore, we must find way to include them in our daily diet.


B vitamins help your brain tissue faster after a taxing mental task.  B12 specifically has a key role in improving your attention span and vanishing the feeling of lethargy. So if you have one of those long days at work that need extra stamina, take a vitamin B complex before heading out the door or after your lunch break.


Spicy food has been found to prevent your brain from aging. Eating curry can higher your IQ due to its main ingredient curcumin. These antioxidants are the soldiers that fight against the elements that can damage your brain.


Practicing Yoga regularly can improve your brain chemistry and lower stress levels. Not quite the Yogi? Then make it a point to spend 10 minutes stretching in front of the TV before wrapping up your day.

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Posted by: Anon

Sneaky PR for Paco Rabanne?s 1 Million and Dolce & Gabbana?s light blue?

Posted by: Tamoor Qadeer

Great Article, but is it poosible to get the source of the information?, because it will more effective if we can know the sources of information employed by the author.

Posted by: Samreen M

Yes, men have more will power than women. They solve the problems in a moment but it?s medically proved that women?s memory is stronger than men. Anyhow, the plan proposed by the writer to sharpen the memory is interesting one. We should adopt it to see how it works.

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