The scandal of UAE school fees

Anil Bhoyrul argues that UAE schools are earning thousands of dollars for doing absolutely nothing


Am currently 7 months pregnant with my first child. I've lived and worked in the UAE for the past 15 years. And my husband and I already decided years ago: no child of ours will go to school in the UAE... for numerous reasons (some of them mentioned in your article). So now the clock is ticking ; in max. 3 years we are out of here. There is now way we are letting the KHDA play games with us, schools charging us ridiculously high fees for an education that - let's face it - is regarded as sub-standard in comparison to most schools in other countries. Others have already pointed out numerous times: for the fees we pay for a "regular" primary school in Dubai you could send your child to a top-class boarding school in Europe. So, bye bye Dubai. Not with us.

manesh gurnani

madam, i do agree with u all the way. i myself hv been educated in UK & Swiss. The fees been paid here for child in primary school in Dubai, is equivlant to the same fees for a high school & college in Europe. The standard & quality of education in majority of schools in Dubai is far below average compared to same grade in other third world countries. As i hv told b4 in my many comments relating to education in Dubai, it is pure business, only money making & high salaries to be paid for overseas teachers, which we pay as school fees. All parents should wake up to this & send message to KHDA together.

Kamal Tolani

Well Anil, I think you managed to get a refund because you can actually hurt the school's image by naming it on a public forum. People like us who are not in the media industry will have to take the hit and carry on. Its sad that KHDA does not do anything about this because they seem to be at the mercy of the schools too.


This is just another scam like paying the knowledge fee with every transaction. Hospitals and schools are the biggest businesses today. Hospitals too charge to open a file.
Dubai is a place that anything and everything is possible with complete immunity. In most schools the sponsor is powerful hence no action will be taken. Moral and Ethics is a dying commodity.
Good job Anil take on the hospitals and clinics next. Dubai a modern city with medieval laws.

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