The World Richest Arabs 2014

Rank image Name Industry Country Wealth (2014) $BN Wealth (2013) $BN
1 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud Banking and finance Saudi Arabia 28.1bn 31.2
2 The Olayan family The Olayan family Diversified Saudi Arabia 12bn 12.5
3 Joseph Safra Joseph Safra Banking and finance Brazil (Lebanon) 11.9bn 7.5
4 The Sawiris family The Sawiris family Diversified Egypt 11.3bn 10
5 Issam Al Zahid Issam Al Zahid Diversified Saudi Arabia 11.2bn 11
6 Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber Diversified UK (Saudi Arabia) 9.2bn 12.66
7 Mohammed Al Amoudi Mohammed Al Amoudi Energy Saudi Arabia 9bn 12
8 The Binladin family The Binladin family Construction Saudi Arabia 8.4bn 7.5
9 The Kharafi family The Kharafi family Diversified Kuwait 8.3bn 8.5
10 Majid Al Futtaim Majid Al Futtaim Retail, Diversified UAE 7.9bn 6.1
11 The Al Ghurair family The Al Ghurair family Diversified UAE 7bn 6.3
12 The Bukhamseen family The Bukhamseen family Diversified Kuwait 6.4bn 6.8
13 Tareq Al Qahtani Tareq Al Qahtani Diversified Saudi Arabia 6.2bn 6
14 The Kanoo family The Kanoo family Diversified Bahrain 6bn 6.1
15 Toufic Aboukhater Toufic Aboukhater Investments Monaco (Palestine) 5.6bn 5.8
16 The Bugshan family The Bugshan family Diversified Kuwait 5.5bn 6
17 The Mansour family The Mansour family Diversified Egypt 5.4bn 5.1
18 The Jameel Family The Jameel Family Diversified Saudi Arabia 5.3bn 5
19 Abdullah Al Rushaid Abdullah Al Rushaid Energy Saudi Arabia 5.1bn 4.6
20 The Al Rajhi family The Al Rajhi family Diversified Saudi Arabia 5bn 4.3
21 Mubarak Al Suweiket Mubarak Al Suweiket Diversified Saudi Arabia 4.3bn 4.5
22 Hussain Sajwani Hussain Sajwani Property UAE 4bn New Entry
23 The Al Muhaidib family The Al Muhaidib family Diversified Saudi Arabia 3.5bn 3.3
24 The Gargash family The Gargash family Diversified UAE 3.5bn 3.7
25 The Alghanim family The Alghanim family Diversified Kuwait 3.4bn 3.4
26 Adel Aujan Adel Aujan Retail Saudi Arabia 3.3bn 3.56
27 Taha Mikati Taha Mikati Diversified Lebanon 3.2bn 3.5
28 Najib Mikati Najib Mikati Telecommunications Lebanon 3.2bn 3.4
29 Mohammed Al Issa Mohammed Al Issa Investments Saudi Arabia 3.15bn 2.38
30 Mohammed Jamjoom Mohammed Jamjoom Diversified Saudi Arabia 3.1bn 3.4
31 Abdulatif Al Fozan Abdulatif Al Fozan Diversified Saudi Arabia 3.05bn 3.25
32 Issad Rebrab Issad Rebrab Diversified Algeria 3m New entry
33 The Hayek family The Hayek family Retail Switzerland (Lebanon) 2.9bn 3.2
34 Bahaa Hariri Bahaa Hariri Investments Switzerland (Saudi Arabia) 2.8bn 3.1
35 Saad Hariri Saad Hariri Investments Lebanon 2.7bn 3.3
36 Ziad Manasir Ziad Manasir Energy Russia (Jordan) 2.6bn 2.58
37 Mohammed Elkhereiji Mohammed Elkhereiji Diversified Switzerland (Saudi Arabia) 2.55bn 2.73
38 Osama Abudawood Osama Abudawood Diversified Saudi Arabia 2.51bn 2.68
39 Abdullah Al Futtaim Abdullah Al Futtaim Diversified UAE 2.5bn New entry
40 Mansour Ojjeh Mansour Ojjeh Sport France (Saudi Arabia) 2.45bn 2.8
41 Othman Benjelloun Othman Benjelloun Diversified Morocco 2.4bn New entry
42 Ayman Asfari Ayman Asfari Energy UK (Syria) 2.35bn 2.7
43 Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim Telecommunications UK (North Sudan) 2.2bn 2.15
44 Mohammed Al Barwani Mohammed Al Barwani Diversified Oman 2bn 2.6
45 Nadhmi Auchi Nadhmi Auchi Diversified UK (Iraq) 1.9bn 2.2
46 Saleh Kamel Saleh Kamel Islamic finance Saudi Arabia 1.85bn 2
47 Hasan Abdullah Ismaik Hasan Abdullah Ismaik Construction UAE (Jordan) 1.8bn New entry
48 Mohammed Al Fayed Mohammed Al Fayed Retail UK (Egypt) 1.7bn New entry
49 Abdullah Al Rabiah Abdullah Al Rabiah Investments Saudi Arabia 1.65bn New entry
50 Anas Sefrioui Anas Sefrioui Construction Morocco 1.5bn New entry