Tiger Woods "not worth" $3m fee - Qatar golf boss


A very wise decision, better spend the money on raising sports awareness among the obese children in Qatar

Paul King

They should appoint the president of the Qatar Golf Association to the World Cup 2022 organising body. Surely he would see what a ridiculous waste of funds this fantasy project is.


Tiger is not as good as the media tried to indicate last year, plus the number of fans buying tickets just to see him has dropped. The markets drive decisions. He will eventually drop his appearance fees or stop going.


I think you're right. He's not as good as the media tried to indicate last year. He's just world number 3!!! Think about it...


just cuz he cant afford it doesnt mean he has to criticise it!

i doubt this guy even plays golf.


Well, he never said Tiger Woods is not a good player. The $3 Million is just an appearance fee. Sports stars should compete and win the prize money if they are good.


Personally I would say Qatar Golf Association made the right decision. All these sports stars demand for large sums of money, which can actually help train other people to become even better than them. Also, if everyone follows the trend, these stars will learn not to demand, and be humble.

Daud Al Zainey

Perhaps ask his former wife, she's fairly handy with the clubs.

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