Top Islamic scholar boycotts event over Jewish presence

Scholar Yusuf Al Qaradawi said to object to presence of Jews at Qatar interfaith conference

Egyptian Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. (Getty Images)

Egyptian Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. (Getty Images)

A top Islamic scholar has boycotted a Qatar conference on interfaith dialogue after objecting to the presence of Jewish clerics, it has been reported.

According to Arabic-language Qatari newspaper Al Arab, Yusuf Al Qaradawi has previously refused to attend the annual Doha International Centre for Interfaith Dialogue for similar reasons. The event begin on Wednesday and is expected to draw more than 500 Muslim, Christian and Jewish attendees.

“There is no more injustice than what the Jews have caused to our people in Palestine,” Al Qaradawi is said to have told the newspaper.

Al Qaradawi has refused to attend interfaith events since 2009, claiming that there is not “one practical thing that these conferences have achieved for the benefit of the Islamic nation”.

The scholar, who presents the popular programme ‘Shariah and Life’ on Qatari network Al Jazeera, has attracted intense scrutiny over his views in the past. In 2009, he claimed that Jews had “exaggerated the issue” of the Holocaust and has also said that wife-beating is permissible, but only if done “lightly”.

He has been banned from entering the US since 1999 and UK since 2008. Last year, authorities also refused him entry into France.

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Posted by: Oldtimer

Just as all Muslims are not terrorists and Islam has nothing to do with hatred, similarly all Jews are not representing the State of Israel and have nothing to do with their government's repression of Palestinians! Mr. Quadrawi is a hypocrite by not attending this interfaith dialogue!

Posted by: Muhammad Yaman

The problem with the West is everything that comes from them is the best and the most superior. They ridicule everything that comes from Islam. We Muslims want to follow our religion what's wrong. Say for example beating our wives lightly... at least our religion knows human nature of the tendency to slap our wives etc. Sure Islam doesnt encourage us to beat our wives. The Prophet never be his wives. But if it happens, the religion tells us and says ok but "only lightly". But look at statistics on domestic violence in the West..its alarming andfrightening. Domestic violence in the West is very inhuman...but the West keeps quiet. Why are you criticising Qaradawi for saying so ? He is merely expressing what the religion says, not because he is an extremist. Islam is a practical religion. It is not hypocritical. It knows human nature very well.

Posted by: Ty Say

There are some thoughtful comments on here, specifically by Omar and Hisham. I lived in the Middle East for years I am not of any faith but tolerate all faiths. Let us all try and get along please, at the end of the day, we all share the same DNA regardless of race, colour or creed. If the press stopped jumping all over every story like this maybe the muslim community would not have such a misunderstood reputation from the vast majority of Westerners.

PEACE, have a nice weekend everyone!

Posted by: Ponder

How come these inter-"faith" dialogues exclude Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism etc?

Surely they have something to say too considering they represent over 2 billion people or so.

Posted by: Rafi

He has been banned to enter US, UK and France. So freedom is an one way ticket?

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