UAE announces reduced Ramadan hours for private sector

Ministry of Labour says private sector workers should work two hours less during holy month with no cut in pay

Private sector employees in the UAE will have their working days reduced by two hours during Ramadan, it was announced on Monday.

The working hours for all private sector employees will be reduced by two hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan with no salary reduction for workers.

In an announcement issued by Saqr bin Ghobash Saeed Ghobash, the UAE's Minister of Labour, no worker should have their salary reduced for the shorter hours which will start on June 29, reported official news agency WAM.

On Sunday, the UAE announced the working hours for employees at various ministries and other federal institutions will be from 9am to 2pm during Ramadan.

The hours of work for the holy month was revealed in a circular issued by Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Qattami, Minister of Education, in his capacity as chairman of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAGHR).

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan will start on Sunday June 29. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is based on moon sightings.

It is when Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset; fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Non-Muslims also must refrain from eating and drinking in public.

The Sharjah Planetarium said it expects Eid – the end of Ramadan – to begin on July 28.

Separately, WAM reported that UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has ordered the release of 969 prisoners incarcerated for various crimes, and the settlement of their financial liabilities, on the occasion of Ramadan.

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Posted by: Jonathan Burkeman

I will be far more happy if the UAE bans semi nudism, alcoholism, night clubs, and debauchery in all its forms all year round not only in Ramadan. One thing the UAE should never do is become apologetic about its rich culture. Grow and assimilate by all means, but never be defensive or apologetic about your rich Arabian cultural identity and Islamic heritage. Learn how to grow and assimilate from authentic sources and not from superficial people with a self serving agenda and selfish ulterior motives. Since when development & modernism have become synonymous with decadence & depravity?

Posted by: Simon

Headshaker...Are you seriously suggesting that Dubai would have to shut down if it tightened its grip on Clubs, Bars, Friday Brunches, Alcohol consumption, Prostitution, Semi-nudity etc, etc?

Leo50...I think something was 'lost in translation' on JB's comment. He didn't suggest anything that long term expats in Dubai have not been saying for a longtime. Dubai has had its 'opening party', 'loosened its grip/turned a blind eye' to attract attention and investment. It has it all now.

All it needs to do is tighten its grip again, not severely but in small/slow measures to bring it back to the 'middle'. I know many people from the UK who have visited Dubai and seen 'ALL' Dubai has to offer. They have been shocked'...and yes, the word debauched has been used.

As for self serving individuals...the town is full of people like that...its a 'talking town' with many people having "Champagne tastes backed up with Lemonade money". You have to go far to avoid them...and I do!

Posted by: headshaker

So you want to shut down Dubai? Funny how everyone seems to have discovered the word 'debauchery' on this forum and seems to apply it to the lifestyle in developed countries...

And looking at your name and origin you must have grown up surrounded by acts of 'debauchery' as well I guess?

Who are you trying to impress with your hypocritical decency?

Posted by: leo50

The UAE does not need lecturing and pontificating on it's growth and culture from abroad. It is far from defensive or apologetic about it's standards. You certainly appear to have the traits of those same superficial self serving people you attack in your missive. Maybe best to leave the UAE to look after it's own interests in the manner of which it has so successfully managed over the decades.

Posted by: Critic

Can somebody explain , who decides public holidays or reduced timings for Private sector?

Posted by: RAH

The 3rd paragraph of this article lies the answer to your question

Posted by: So What?!

What happens if your boss won't give Ramadan Timings?!

Posted by: So What?!

@ Erik - we have fasting people in our office. They too are working full working hours and I completely feel for them. I suppose they have to be even stronger.

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