UAE changes visa rules to boost business, tourism

Authorities introduce multiple entry visa for property investors, cruise passengers


Hardly any discussion has taken place in Indian newspapers and in other public forums regarding the rules and regulations of Dubai if any Indian wants to invest in that place. As a result, it is not clear to many of us whether we should invest in Dubai or not ? Most important is the comparison between India and UAE as far as investment in real estate is concerned.


What, they want us to invest over a million dhs and they then want you to pay them Dhs.18,000 as a visa fee for 2 years.. why?.

If UAE wants you to invest over a million then one would expect a residence permit as long as you own the property. No one expects citizenship, but must be allowed access to the property to live or visit when required. You are paying for everything else anyway. ie: Service fees, Utilities etc..

Hope common sense prevails.

Abu Handy

According to staff at the Dubai Lands Department (6th Feb), the 2-year property owner's visa has the following conditions (these are the ones I've discovered so far and there will undoubtedly be others).
1. The property must be worth more than AED 1M. If bought for less than 1M and current value is more than 1M, then you must get a valuation from RERA - AED4,010 for a flat or villa.
2. Property must be registered with RERA and mortgage free.
3. The two year visa costs AED18,000. Staff implied that this allowed visas for husband and wife if both jointly own the property. Otherwise perhaps one sponsors the other?
4. Applicants must still take the medical.
5. Once the visa is issued, ID cards, Driving Licences etc can be obtained.
6. No apparent age restrictions.
7. Once visa is issued, then applicants can work - this needs confirmation.
8. There was no mention of the requirement to have AED10,000 income per month. This may apply for the 6-month visa issued by Immigration, but not sure.

Khano Jarkata

I would not trust the UAE law regarding property investors, if you spend more than UAE 1M, to get a multiple visit visa, with no guarantee that you will be able to renew it or get a new one on expiry, would be in my opinion, very risky to invest.
Unless UAE guarantees, they as long as you hold property if UAE, you will get multiple entry visas as property owner and this law is for an indefinate period and not changeable, investors might still start to think about investing in UAE.
Most of the foeigners in UAE are either for work or Business (to earn their livehood and make money) except for those who come in for a very short tourist visa through hotels, relatives or countries allowed visa on arrival.


As far as my knowledge goes -- India is a land of opportunity , pays more ROI in the field of Real Estate.

Business Man

Wow big news! Welcome to the 20th Century! It took 3 years to discuss it according to the article and it appears, so far it is still just an article.

Tony Santos

Called the toll free number provided in the article and the person who answered said that this new multiple entry visa has not yet been officially confirmed and was unable to provide clarifications of any kind.


I some times wonder why a visitor, flying into the UAE , using Emirates or Etihad for that matter (Return Ticket) can't get a multiple visa.
I know many people that want to visit the region, but you can't even fly in, spend some time in Dubai, travel to Musandam for some sightseeing, back to Dubai and then maybe a round trip to Muscat down the coast, back through the mountains into UAE at the Al Ain border crossing. Then travel to Abu Dhabi and finish off your trip in Dubai from where you will be flying home from.

BUT, you can't, because you can't get a simple Mutiple Exit Re-Entry visa, valid for the time frame of your Emirates or Etihad ticket return dates, Many other tourist countries do this to encourage wider tourism and ease of travel during a month long holiday.

Hope the powers that be, can look into doing something like this, because I can garantee, tourism will increase, because of such a small bit of flexibility.

Gangdam style

Can anyone share the details of the new rules set out for: "multiple entry visas include property investors".

I am a property investor in Dubai & would like to know how these new rules will help in mainating my property investment in Dubai.

@Salam : Your post is "insane and ridiculous".


Yes Salam post qualifies, but how would you describe anyone asking for advice in a public forum on what is, essentially, a legal matter?
Out of curiosity, would you really take an anonymous post here seriously as opposed to research the matter yourself at the immigration office, or better, asking with a lawyer?
And the most amazing thing is that every time we have these kind of news we have people asking these kind of questions even-though nobody ever bothered to answer.
If this is the level of effort you are ready to put into your due diligence, i seriously think you should go to Macau or Vegas and invest there. Outcome will be similar and you will have much more fun.

Dubai Dude

I wonder what place is best for investors, entrepreneurs? Malaysia?

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