UAE expats may no longer risk jail over bad cheques

Laurie O'Brien

Please help us to free Zack Shahin and all the other business men that have been imprisoned for trump up charges in Dubai. My Fiance (business man) also has been imprisoned. They have no way of getting out without your help. What can we do how can we stop this? We need to get other countries involved to put pressure on them to let these men go.





banks are charging 40-55% on credit cards , central bank should interfere and stimulate the int rate , more over banks should be will to accept principle amts only in case of default so their should be a criteria to be formulated to tell the banks that utmost precautions and measures for giving cr. cards in order not to trap the mass in a debit trouble resulting primarily from highly inflated int rates.
and the most important the law should differentiate between default cheque and actual criminal cases as its very odd to jail a murderer along with a chq bouncer.

are there someone to look at these points and start thinking for the people that lost every thing because of high interest rates

Ken Chen

Is there any record or news about the debts being paid off of those pardoned?


I just spoke with someone at the Dewan's Office in Abu-Dhabi this morning and the gentleman I had spoken with said that they had still not received any money to pay off the debts of the Jailed UAE citizens which were either released long ago (pardoned) or never even jailed. One can only wonder how long this will go on for? There are many victims out there from Check Fraud that are awaiting justice to be served. I have waited roughly 7 years and of all these pardons over the last 7 years along with announcements of debts being paid off none to my knowledge have been paid off..

Editors: Please update us on this story of debts being paid off and those that were pardoned.


after 4 years of suffering from Bank and financial Pressure , Foreigners in UAE , smiled .
but within 2 days government said this law will cover only Emirates (Local People) .

I can not understand , when i took 200,000 AED loan and i paid
more than 75% of loan amount , Why the Bank still presenting My security Check with amount of 200,000 AED .

Some of The banks collected Blank checks from Defaulters and the are filling with their desire amount .

Government Should help The business man to Re-Structure Their Companies and Pay Back remain amount of loans to The bank .This is a logic Rule and should cover both Emirates and foreigners .

it will help to remove pressure from thousands of human life in UAE and it will help UAE economy as well .

no Benefit for anybody to keep defaulters in Jail for 3 years .!!!


All these statements are not more than hopes and predictions that might never come through .

Retarded laws can only be corrected with proper measures by issuing new modern laws that recognize and respect article 11 of the international covenant for civil rights which clearly prohibit jailing any person due to his inability to fulfill contractual financial obligation , and that in reality can only be made by issuing the new long waited bankruptcy law , the new penal code and the new Civil trial practice .

Such solution requires full , clear and drastic measures which so far the will for it does not exist nor available in the foreseen future , therefore half initiative and keeping things in the grey area or requesting personal intervention of police, public prosecutors to indentify or classify whether the cheque are given for installment , guarantees, rent or payment of goods will never be solution for the existing disaster caused by the same practice.,


"There is no relaxation or debt waiver for expatriates..." WHY?!!


In America only Americans are entitled to receive US benefits such as unemployment s checks,food stamps and social security and in Dubai we have something like a get out of jail for free pass like in the game of Monopoly which only applies to locals. In the UAE this is called a pardon or basically a blind eye for financial crimes committed. Everyone needs to get money one way or another so to keep hard crime down such as robberies and real theft from retailers or homes they pretty much turn a blind eye to financial theft and set aside a certain amount of money to supposedly bail these people out. An indirect way of giving money to the locals or sharing money from the wealth of the UAE.



as far as I understand this is only for cheques given as security to banks and financial institutions as collateral to loans.

In "normal" business dealings a bounced cheque is as far as I understand still a criminal offence.

Certainly a laudable step in the right direction but I guess further clarification is needed as to where exactly this new decree is valid and where it isn't.

It is about time that we here in the UAE not only decriminalise bounced cheques but get rid of the whole cheque system. It's been outdated and abolished by other modern countries decades ago.


This applies only to Security Cheques and not post-dated cheques for installment payments or other commitments.


I gave 4 cheques (25,000 each, total 100,000) for a apt in Dubai. After 5 months, I left due to issues in the building. I told the landlord that I had to return to England. I never returned back. I left my furniture and told him he could keep the 5000 deposit. Now nearly 7 months later there is a police case against me for the two remaining bounced cheques. I told the landlord I was willing to pay him back in installments but he refused point blank saying he wanted a total cash settlement in 1 payment. The court case is in 3 weeks. I feel I am innocent but did things the wrong way. I want rectify the situation but can only afford to in installments. What prison time would I be looking at? Is there any way out of this situation? I have an apt, a good job.....

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