UAE men 'too handsome' for Saudi festival

Saudi religious cops eject UAE men over fears women would fall for them during cultural event


I'm curious. Who decides what is 'too handsome'? Measured against what? Can we at least see the pictures of these exported people to decide for ourselves? Or is this 'classified'? This is rubbish news.


Does not appear to be true story.

Hans Joppe

All men are created equal. If this were not true, I should laugh on it.


Daniel Shane:
can you post this news original website? I can't find any about "UAE men 'too handsome' for Saudi festival" news from Elaph. I doubted this is a false news.

Patrick Smears

Actually I think it's this article:
(the other article is reporting on the fact that the original Elaph article has been picked up by the Sunday Times among others...)

Alex Garabet

Here's the Arabic article


What would have happened if they had been Saudi citizens, and could not be deported? Just curious.


Don't worry, when the time will come of Saudi citizens, you will see the result. I don't understand, why always people see the negative impact instead of positive. Rules are rules, if we don't follow it means, we are selfish. No need to be curious. we must correct ourself instead of pointing others, we will find the mistakes inside us.

Elian Gonzales

Yeah, pictures of these guys or this entire story is bogus. Never heard of anything so stupid


Why should we worry about the any country law, law is law, we have to respect,either we like it or not, and remember, every country in the world can not have same laws, so where you like it then go there and enjoy, why people need to see other country as their wishes.


What if the 'too-handsome' men had been other Saudis? You can't deport your own citizens; should they be imprisoned for how they look? Such a law is madness because it can't be enforced consistently, nor is there an objective standard.

A 'law' like this couldn't be possible under a rational legal code; only under a tyranny could this happen.


I love the way all you people are on here commenting when most of you have never been to our Kingdom and only know what the Jewish media tells you...

Life here is great - Alhamdulillah!

Suhail Shafi

Saudi Arabia's ridiculous laws seem to becoming into the laughing stock not just of the West but also of the fellow Arab states as well.

Englishman in Dubai

If it's so ridiculous then why do such stories continue to be published as "international news" in a supposedly business publication?! Meaning, is it really hard to find more significant news to report about a country which does much more for mankind than many "developed" countries? Such stories resemble the folklore which is broadcast on social networks!


I think you are misinformed here. When we (yes, myself included at many occasions) laugh about these matters, it's actually directed towards a group (which we regard to be a sect) which has nothing better to do than harass people based on misguided opinions. However, to my knowledge, Saudi doesn't have written laws against many of these things these that pop up in the news here and there. It's more a matter of cultural acceptance and societal forms of respect. Most people in the West cannot understand this because they compare something they don't understand to something they know. Then what they do is lay an uninformed, undemocratic and unquestionable claim on an apple being better than an orange.


Pictures wanted ! :-)

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