UAE radio stations relaunched after closure

Abu Dhabi Media announces new era for Radio 1 and 2 that were closed by Gulf News Broadcasting last year


I would also like to point out that according to Radio 2 it seems as though there are roughly 25-30 songs to have been released throughout the entire 70's-90's time period. The same songs over and over again day in day out.

A more expansive playlist would be appreciated as there are some amazing songs from that entire period which do not seem to be getting any airtime at all!!!!!


I will agree with John Carter, if you want only music, then by all means listen to your mobile or plug in your USB or SD cards and listen to it on your car audio systems. Not all listeners would be like everyone else. I for one loves to hear the DJ's chatters and be entertained by them. As for ads, how do you think the radio stations survive without them? Common sense people...


To be honest, I personally don't listen to radio in Dubai for the past 2 years because of the nonsense.
As an alternative, you have tunein online radio, which does not require c/c or as i do, upload all my songs on a usb. The choice is yours.

roger wakeham

I agree with Mary. Its been a pleasure listening to music for the last few months (not always ideal music but better than inane and childish chatter). After 2 days I've turned off both channels as the drivel is driving me insane as I drive around Dubai.
I totally understand the need for a commercial aspect to the channels to pay for the time invested in preparing playlists but honestly who listens to the 'banter' of the presenters?
Can anyone suggest a radio station where there is more music than ads and banter? Roger


Same here. Bye bye Radio2 - can't stand the chatter. Loved the music, then the ads came and now the cherry on top.


Agree with both Mary and Roger. Radio 2 was so much better with just music and no talking. We understand the need for ads to support your business but the inane banter between hosts is the reason we don't listen to a lot of the other radio stations. Not sure they thought through what was differentiating Radio 2 for the last year or so. Also, I've noticed Radio 2 has started to play the kind of stuff that comes on Dubai FM, Virgin, etc - would be great to keep broadcasting the older music that its target audience tends to like. This is as close as we have to a "classic rock" radio station.

Regarding the ad-free music on smart phones, agree with that but it really depends on whether you have a foreign credit card to subscribe to streaming services, Sirius/XM, etc; large amount of data (if not saved for offline); and the technology in your car to use it (to be fair most new cars would have bluetooth, aux, etc).

John Carter

If your over 30 you should listen to Radio 2, its aimed at your age demographic, age takes no prisoners. Furthermore, if all you want is listen to is just music, then your phone, or tablet can play your music and in the order you want to listen to it. Radio is about entertainment and information not just music.


So if a listener is over 30 but interested in contemporary music they have to put up with the annoying chatter of 18-30 targeted presenting styles?
I was just starting to enjoy Radio One without the DJs.


Unfortunately in the UAE the data packages required to stream music for extended periods from say Tune-in are pricey.


you have ad-free and dj-free alternatives in your smartphone.

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