UK refuses UAE extradition request in blackmail case

The former Dubai expat allegedly threatened to publish naked pictures of his estranged wife

A UK court has denied a request by the UAE government to extradite a former expat back to Dubai to face allegations he blackmailed his estranged wife by threatening to publish naked images of her on the internet.

Born in the UK and of Pakistani origin, the request to extradite Yasir Afsar was rejected on the grounds “that he will not be afforded a fair trial and furthermore that he will be prejudiced by reason of his ethnicity.”

The UAE made the request in relation to allegations Afsar, who fled the UAE in 2006 when he ran into financial troubles, attempted to blackmail his wife, who married him in 2005 and remained in the UAE.

“It is alleged that YA made threats to his estranged wife in 2007 and 2008 to the effect that unless she sent him money he would post naked photographs of her on the internet. His wife refused to send the money that he demanded and on 3rd October 2008 her friend Ms Berera contacted her to say that she had received an email from YA with an attachment which was a naked photograph of the complainant,” court documents claimed.

Under UAE law, Afsar faced up to five years in jail and a fine of up to AED50,000 ($13,612) if he was convicted of the charges by a UAE court.

Afsar refused the extradition order, claiming “there are strong grounds for believing that, if returned, he will face a real risk of being subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” the documents added.

His legal team claimed he would not be afforded a fair trial and could face torture due to his Pakistani ethnicity.

In his ruling, District Judge MC Zani said no assurances had been given by the UAE regarding Afsar’s concerns and it had refused to allow court experts to visit UAE prisons to prepare a report on conditions.

Evidence was also submitted by the defence “from other UK nationals who have been detained in the UAE in the recent past and who recount their experiences,” the court said.

Concluding, Judge Zani said he was “entirely satisfied that Mr Afsar has amply demonstrated that in the event of his return his rights would be breached and he would suffer prejudice by reason of his ethnicity.”


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Posted by: just sayin

very true Victory

That DM article is shocking in the extreme at how lenient he and the station were treated.
Reverse it in the UK and all hell would have started.

Posted by: Monkey Tennis

Can I be the first to congratulate Arabian Business on its successful transition into becoming the Gulf's version of the Daily Mail. It's been coming for some time now but I think you've finally got there. Well done, chaps.

Posted by: Proud Brit

I honestly thought that Arabian Business readers would be slightly more intelligent, but these comments are no different than those on other crappy sites (which I will not mention). Of course, this is not AB's fault, I am merely commenting.

Not a real British man? Just because he holds their passport? 'British' with quotation marks? It seems that many of the readers are confusing the UK with GCC countries where citizenship isn't given to residents regardless of how long they live there.

Every country has its faults, and the UK certainly has them too. But reading this, I could not feel prouder of our legal system. Sure it may seem lenient to some of the readers here but it's called human rights people. Condemning someone for allegedly threatening to publish naked pictures to five years in jail? Wow.

Very proud of the UK - regardless of what anyone else says. It's called caring about your people, whether they are white or not.

Posted by: Wildwine

@Victory, you may have point regarding UK's immigration policies, what they should / should not have done etc. It is a completely different discussion.
Even if the process is flawed (as you argue), that however does not mean the guy in the center of this drama is a non-Brit or a "lesser" Brit!!! Your Government issued a passport to him so he is as British as you are.

Posted by: Doug

@Victory - you didn't answer my question. I asked you what you thought the criteria for being British should be. I didn't ask why people came to Britain seeking citizenship; I asked you what defined someone as being 'British'. Why will you not answer this question?

With regards to crime, one report on a rogue preacher does not suddenly suggest Britain has been taken over by immigrants. You're right, I can't imagine someone in the Middle East 'getting away' with something similar, but that's largely because Britain has a tradition of permitting people to say and think what they want.

I'm also not entirely sure immigrants from 'the 3rd world' are responsible for all the crime and the welfare budget. The majority of people on welfare and in jail are white British, and the common excuse for why so many are on welfare is because apparently the foreigners have taken all the jobs. You can't have it both ways!

Posted by: Mark Renton

@Victory, I see what the problem is - you're reading the Daily Mail. You will probably find yourself less prone to bouts of apoplectic rage about immigrants if you stop.....

@John, can you quote any reliable figures and sources for these slightly alarming assertions you have made? Last time I looked, immigrants were doing all the jobs that (as you call them) "native Brits" didn't want to do.....

Posted by: John

Look at the UK today, where immigrants from the 3rd world form majority of criminals and welfare seekers. How would you feel as a native Brit when you see immigrants come and turn safe towns to a haven of crime? If they are not into crime, they are on welfare while the native Brits work hard all day.

Posted by: Victory

@ProudBrit @TerryMay @Doug - in case you are under any illusion of what is happening in the UK and it's pathetic PC approach, read the article in today's Daily Mail and let me know if you are now so proud! Wake up!

Can you imagine any one doing this in the Middle East if you flip the argument 180 degrees? It wouldn't be a slap on the wrist you would be getting either!

Posted by: Doug

There's a very simple solution to this problem.

If Mr Afsar had left the UAE and returned to the UK, and then allegedly committed the crime, that means the crime was carried out in the UK, not the UAE.

So all his wife has to do is pursue the case through the courts in the UK. No need for extradition, justice for both parties.

Posted by: smartenough

hahahaha total joke by the UK, and then they criticise the laws in the UAE. jolly good show Nigel

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