UK refuses UAE extradition request in blackmail case

The former Dubai expat allegedly threatened to publish naked pictures of his estranged wife

just sayin

very true Victory

That DM article is shocking in the extreme at how lenient he and the station were treated.
Reverse it in the UK and all hell would have started.

Monkey Tennis

Can I be the first to congratulate Arabian Business on its successful transition into becoming the Gulf's version of the Daily Mail. It's been coming for some time now but I think you've finally got there. Well done, chaps.

Proud Brit

I honestly thought that Arabian Business readers would be slightly more intelligent, but these comments are no different than those on other crappy sites (which I will not mention). Of course, this is not AB's fault, I am merely commenting.

Not a real British man? Just because he holds their passport? 'British' with quotation marks? It seems that many of the readers are confusing the UK with GCC countries where citizenship isn't given to residents regardless of how long they live there.

Every country has its faults, and the UK certainly has them too. But reading this, I could not feel prouder of our legal system. Sure it may seem lenient to some of the readers here but it's called human rights people. Condemning someone for allegedly threatening to publish naked pictures to five years in jail? Wow.

Very proud of the UK - regardless of what anyone else says. It's called caring about your people, whether they are white or not.


@Victory, you may have point regarding UK's immigration policies, what they should / should not have done etc. It is a completely different discussion.
Even if the process is flawed (as you argue), that however does not mean the guy in the center of this drama is a non-Brit or a "lesser" Brit!!! Your Government issued a passport to him so he is as British as you are.


@Victory - you didn't answer my question. I asked you what you thought the criteria for being British should be. I didn't ask why people came to Britain seeking citizenship; I asked you what defined someone as being 'British'. Why will you not answer this question?

With regards to crime, one report on a rogue preacher does not suddenly suggest Britain has been taken over by immigrants. You're right, I can't imagine someone in the Middle East 'getting away' with something similar, but that's largely because Britain has a tradition of permitting people to say and think what they want.

I'm also not entirely sure immigrants from 'the 3rd world' are responsible for all the crime and the welfare budget. The majority of people on welfare and in jail are white British, and the common excuse for why so many are on welfare is because apparently the foreigners have taken all the jobs. You can't have it both ways!

Mark Renton

@Victory, I see what the problem is - you're reading the Daily Mail. You will probably find yourself less prone to bouts of apoplectic rage about immigrants if you stop.....

@John, can you quote any reliable figures and sources for these slightly alarming assertions you have made? Last time I looked, immigrants were doing all the jobs that (as you call them) "native Brits" didn't want to do.....


Look at the UK today, where immigrants from the 3rd world form majority of criminals and welfare seekers. How would you feel as a native Brit when you see immigrants come and turn safe towns to a haven of crime? If they are not into crime, they are on welfare while the native Brits work hard all day.


@ProudBrit @TerryMay @Doug - in case you are under any illusion of what is happening in the UK and it's pathetic PC approach, read the article in today's Daily Mail and let me know if you are now so proud! Wake up!

Can you imagine any one doing this in the Middle East if you flip the argument 180 degrees? It wouldn't be a slap on the wrist you would be getting either!


@Doug ....because people see a UK or US or French or German passport as a ticket to a better life, free education, housing and healthcare - they come not to be 'British' but for what the country has to offer. Economic migrants are different. The UK has lost the plot - immigration doesn't have to mean issuing passport, it can mean visa sponsorship etc. just like here in the sunny UAE. They have it right - the UK has not.


@ Terry May (real name?) fully aware of the benefits but economic development of a nation doesn't have to resolve in a seismic change in the structure of that society. I am an economic migrant, I understand the rules of living as someone's guest. I also understand that i will never get a UAE passport or be called British Emirati - and do you know what - I am cool with that concept.

I am a home owner in the UAE, I got married here, my daughter was born here but still I understand that I will never get an Emirati passport and enjoy all the benefits that being an Emirati brings. I don't expect free education for my child or free healthcare for my family or social security for the periods when I haven't worked. Sadly too many people arriving in the UK (read about the swarms of newly annointed Europeans on their way!) have exactly this in mind - free everything and the tax payers and funding it.

This isn't an issue about black, white, brown or yellow - it is about fairness.

Terry May

Victory: I suggest that you go and read up on the reasons for immigration and educate yourself. You clearly misunderstand the positive reasons behind the history of immigration and the development of a country.


@Victory - let's leave aside the debate over immigration at the moment. I'm interested in your assertion that many 'non-Brits' hold a British passport. I'd be very interested to find out why you think someone with a British passport isn't necessarily British, and I'd be fascinated to find out what you think the criteria for becoming a British citizen (and thus holding a British passport) should be.

Because at the moment it seems to be a case of you think anyone who isn't white, can't be British.


There's a very simple solution to this problem.

If Mr Afsar had left the UAE and returned to the UK, and then allegedly committed the crime, that means the crime was carried out in the UK, not the UAE.

So all his wife has to do is pursue the case through the courts in the UK. No need for extradition, justice for both parties.


hahahaha total joke by the UK, and then they criticise the laws in the UAE. jolly good show Nigel


UK justice is a joke especially when refusing legitimate extradition requests and I've washed my hands from it a long time ago.

Say hi to abu qatada, and the countless dozens of "political asylum" seekers who fled the gulf and the larger Arab world and have blood in their hands. It gets better when these scum bags bite the UK government that fed them.

Matt Williams

@ Saudi : Pot calling the kettle black..... Sorry! So one minute you take issue over the UK refusing extradition, to might I add a minority being that this guy is infact British Pakistani and the next minute you are accusing us of affording less rights to minorities. So which is it? As that last statement of yours is in direct contradiction to the first as surely we would under your odd logic be extraditing this guy as he is deemed to be a minority and therefore gets less rights!...But guess what! We aren?t!....If you are going to play the race card then at least check your previous comments!...


Me thinks he is wanted more on Financial situation than The wife


He is a dangerous criminal and the UK only shows it support of criminals by not extraditing him. And I dont get, he is not a true British man, why is the UK trying to help him so much?


One can not deny that there is no prejudice in Dubai at the moment. The locals of which were pardoned from prison during Ramadan were supposed to have their debts settled. The non-locals which were owed money still have not been paid. This is prejudice and injustice. I hope the editors will post this without prejudice. Honesty is the best policy.

Peter Johnstone

Regardless of the fact that this man sounds like a completely pathetic piece of work, the fact remains that his concerns for receiving a fair trial in the UAE is completely legitimate. You can only applaud the UK authorities for blocking this extradition request.

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