UK, US knew Iraq had no WMDs before invasion

BBC's Panorama reveals fresh evidence that MI6 and CIA dismissed intelligence from Iraq's foreign minister Naji Sabri

Britain and the US knew well before the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime that the Iraqi leader had no weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the BBC's Panorama has reported

Britain and the US knew well before the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime that the Iraqi leader had no weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the BBC's Panorama has reported

Britain and the US knew well before the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime that the Iraqi leader had no weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the BBC's Panorama has reported.

"Much of the key intelligence used by Downing Street and the White House was based on fabrication, wishful thinking and lies," the BBC said.

Iraq's foreign minister Naji Sabri was in touch with Bill Murray, CIA station chief in Paris via an Arab journalist, the news organization said. The two men met in New York in September 2002.

Saddam Hussein "had some chemical weapons left over from the early 90s, [and] had taken the stocks and given them to various tribes that were loyal to him. [He] had intentions to have weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological and nuclear - but at that point in time he virtually had nothing," the BBC reports Murray as saying.

A senior officer of Britain's MI6 also met with Iraq's head of intelligence, Tahir Jalil Habbush Al-Tikriti in Jordan two months before the war and also said the Iraqi leader had no active WMDs, the BBC reported.

"I thought we'd produced probably the best intelligence that anybody produced in the pre-war period, all of which came out - in the long run - to be accurate. The information was discarded and not used," the BBC cites Murray as saying.

The lies of two Iraqi spies served as the basis for the argument that the Iraqi regime had an active WMD programme.

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, also known by his codename Curveball, who arrived in germany seeking asylum, gave fabricated information that served as a core part of the intelligence that was used to justify the war against Iraq, the BBC reported. Janabi said he had seen mobile biological laboratories, the authenticity of which German intelligence doubted. The other spy Iraqi former intelligence officer, called Maj Muhammad Harith met with the Americans and said he came up with the idea of mobile biological labs.  

The Panorama documentary: The Spies Who Fooled the World, will air on BBC One, March 18 at 22:35 GMT and will be available in the UK on BBC iPlayer.

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I agree that the US and Britain did not invade Iraq because of their fear of wmd. the recent release of information indicate that the Bush administration felt the great need for their security is to create a reliable source of supply of crude oil in case the KSA falls apart as was apparent fromthe early signs of the Arab spring. KSA realize this and consider the new Iraq as a major threat to their existence and this may explain why KSA is so hostile to Iraq particularly given the nature of King Abdulla of KSA and his known views as a friend of Iraq and who worked actively to avoid the invasion of kuwait even allocating 1 bn $ as compensation to Iraq as asked by Iraq from kuwait in july 1991 which ultimately failed because of the hard headedness of both delegations.

Posted by: Mike

Problem is that the rule of law has been broken by the US, UK and so-called coallision of the willing. If this world is to have any real chance for future integrity, those who took these decisions and actions MUST be tried and made accountable to international law. Same with Israel's belligerent and continuous disregard for the law.

Posted by: Freddy

The only reason the USA took Sadam Hussain out, is because he was about to undermine the petrodollar system, this is the system in which oil must be traded in US dollars. This way the dollar is set to remain the world's reserve currency.

Ghaddafi wanted to do the same thing....guess what happened...

Iran will do the same on their turn.... Guess what will happen...

Posted by: Freddy

Being dumb is one thing, being ignorant worse...

Dumb: before you post something, track first whether it is correct.
Oil with the Middle East is for the biggest part traded in USD, some in EUR.
All countries must SETTLE the bill in USD. No other way is allowed.
Saddam, Khadaffi and now Iran were working on trading oil in other currencies and/or gold which would increase the demand for USD.
This settlement with the Arab countries was made in return for military and other help and support in the region.
The artificial demand for USD sets it as the reserve currency and gives the USA power to print more and more to fund its deficits and in the mean time export the caused inflation.

If this is too difficult to grasp : google it. Even it is not your opinion, it is always good to read other views so you see the full picture.
(This relates to the ignorant part of my opening sentence)

Wait till the world is fed up with worthless USD and Saudi Arabia will announce settling outside USD is OK.

Posted by: so_tired_of moronic_conspiracy_theories

Freddy - I am the manufacturer of tin foil hats and would be very pleased to send you the catalogue of our latest models. Let me know where to send and please be assured that our mailing system employs special arrangements to avoid revealing your name to the illuminati.

Posted by: Peter

Petrol doesn't have to be traded in dollars - indeed, it is traded in many currencies - rather it is dollars that the oil-trading nations tend to favor as it is seen as stable and easily traded.

Blows that theory out of the water...

Posted by: Keko

I am not an advocate of the war in Iraq but when I see the comments on WMD clearly people are misinformed or ignorant of events. What about the thousands of Iraqis that were killed by Sadam using WMD on his own people.
How can anyone say that they knew there were no WMD.
The mistake that was made was that after liberating Kuwait the allies should have continued to Baghdad and finished it there and then.

Posted by: who you fooling

Sadam was an honorary member of detroit council and loved by the Americans and funded by the Americans when he was fighting Iran. The Kurds begged America to intervene when that war finished and Sadam started a civil war but it did not suit their purposes at the time to help. It suited better 10 plus years later when oil was more needed and the dollar need saving. Hence 90% of all construction work in Iraq now is related to oil and being done by American linked firms. There were no WMD involved in the civil war, as there were none in the northern Ireland conflict rocket launchers and sub machine guns ruin families lives but are not WMD.

Posted by: Mike Jones

Of course there was no WMD that is why they went in. Qaddafi took the bait gave up his WMD program and see what happened to him. On the other hand no one will dare do anything to North Korea. Ever wondered why every tyrant wants a Nuke or WMD? Ever wondered why only 5 countries have a VETO or have a permanent sit on the UN Security Council? They just happen to have all the Nukes and WMD's.

Posted by: Skeptic

Ummm....Pakistan, India and Israel are also nuclear powers, but don't have permanent seats on the UNSC. Try again.

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