Undersea cable likely to be fixed by April 27 - Etisalat

Damage to undersea cable in Mediterranean to blame for UAE internet slowdown.

NO PROBLEM: du announced earlier that there has been no impact to du’s Internet and international voice services. (Getty Images)

NO PROBLEM: du announced earlier that there has been no impact to du’s Internet and international voice services. (Getty Images)

Etisalat said on Tuesday that the damage to an undersea cable in the Mediterranean was likely to be fixed by April 27. The company added in a statement that new alternative marine cable routes over the last two days had been used to significantly enhance the internet streaming services such as Youtube site access.

"After a sudden Sea-ME-We 4 cable breakdown in the Mediterranean Sea last week, Etisalat customers did not face major slowdowns in internet browsing owing to its robust network with multiple redundant links to major global Internet hubs in Asia, Europe, and USA. Etisalat re-routed traffic to ensure that internet services would remain operational in the UAE," the telecoms company said.

Etisalat also said that the international submarine cable will most likely be fixed by April 27 and the ship will arrive at the location by April 24 to undertake repairs.

Etisalat announced that the international submarine cable provided by Sea-ME-We 4, in the Mediterranean Sea connecting Alexandria and Marseilles, had a unexpected breakdown affecting the internet traffic in the UAE, the UAE-based telecoms giant said in a statement last Thursday.

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Posted by: Vishal

One this is for sure though Etisalat is not solely responsible for fixing the undersea cable but the frustration of the users is building up because Etisalat has historically been providing poor service. After the experience the users have had over days weeks months and years, users can't be expected to understand that etisalat isn't the culprit to this crisis I have been waiting for two weeks to get new e-life connection in my house and so far I the customer has been chasing Etisalat to give them business and now that my existing ADSL line has slowed down even though it is an international problem I am compelled to blame etisalat. I am a techie and in business of customer support. When I compare ourselves with Etisalat ... well there is no comparision ... the kind of support I get from them is horrendous.

Posted by: Moosa

It's been what, over a week? First we lost access to certain websites like YouTube and now we have this insanely slow download speed. I can't play online games or stream videos among other things. I know that sitting here and complaining won't solve a thing but I just feel like letting it out.

Posted by: Tango

Guys..guys...again, do you know for a fact that Etisalat is sending out a ship to fix it or are you just assuming Etisalat is doing the fixing thing. Please try to think as grown ups rather than childern. The damaged cable is an international undersea cable, i do not think that it is actually Etisalat who is working on it. Etisalat is the local vocal point as a service provider which relays to its clients what is happening out there. at the end of the day the estimated times/dates are set by whatever international authoroty responsible for managing international links. The problem is regional and every country in the region is affectd

Posted by: rami741

i am a heavy internet user, i have been sufferring for the past 1 week with low downloads speeds if not exsistant. they said 27th it will be done but i am stitting here and its the 28th and i still cant upload a 50 mb file. Why should i pay the montly cost if they cant provide the right service. WE SHOULD BE COMPINSATED!!

Posted by: Imran

Etisalat says users are not affected but ask the users whether they are affected or not. My 1Mbps connection is working @ the speed of 10kbps only.

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