US demands better security at Kuwait airport

Request comes amid increasing fear of terrorist attack due to region violence; Kuwait denies security is lax

(AFP/Getty Images)

(AFP/Getty Images)

The US has requested Kuwait beef up security at its international airport amid an escalation in violence in the surrounding region, according to local media.

Kuwait Times reported the US requested the Directorate General of Civil Aviation take new precautionary measures and additional inspections at Kuwait International Airport due to increasing concerns of a terrorist threat.

DGCA’s operations manager Saleh Al Fadhaghi claimed existing airport security already met American demands and was certified by international monitoring bodies.

“A team from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US visited Kuwait International Airport a couple of weeks ago and praised the security measures taken here,” Fadhaghi was quoted as saying.

DGCA also has signed a two-year contract with the International Civil Aviation Organization to boost security measures at the airport.

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Posted by: John Farrell

@RAH Since when is the Kuwait Times a reliable source? I would consider this paper, which you constantly comment on, to be a much more reputable paper. The truth of the matter is the Kuwait International Airport is lacking in security measures on a broad scale on many levels. Maybe you should upgrade your xray machines, encourage your airport authorities to stop smoking and drinking tea instead of looking at the screens and lets not speak about the air traffic control issues which is a whole other topic. In my opinion there is more freedom of speech in the UAE than in Kuwait, so of course KT would be bias and stretch the truth to hide the truth from the public. Kuwait desperately needs a new airport and everybody knows it, and the present airport has a huge number of problems that affect the security of your nation.

Posted by: RAH

How can the original Kuwait Times article cited by Courtney be changed explicitly here in the form of a headline title that is totally false and off-base a?

The original article claims ADDITIONAL precuationary measures should be taken at KWI (as was required by many nations worldwide like the UK where they now had to turn on electonic devices in front of security staff).

Where in the original document does it say the US demands better security? You are implying here that security is lacking and this is NOT what was reported by KT.

This is sensationalism and mars an entity?s image which is not acceptable by the UAE?s Charter of Honour and Code of Ethics. One of the articles states that ?ill-intention interpretation, libel, slander, censure, defamation, [etc.]... are considered dangerous violations? and I see this headline falling under this category.

Hope AB does the decent thing by recitfying this false headline and ensuring their staff to stick with the facts.

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