US officials said to plan Boeing 787 review

Transportation body seen announcing review of Dreamliner despite Qatar CEO comments

US transportation officials are reportedly set to announce a review into the power system of Boeing Co's new 787 Dreamliner.

The US Federal Aviation Administration will announce a review into the jet's power system at a press conference later of Friday, according to Bloomberg News.

The jet this week has experienced three mishaps in as many days, including an electrical fire that caused severe damage to a plane. The FAA declined to comment.

The move comes despite Qatar Airways' chief executive Akbar Al Baker playing down safety concerns on Wednesday.

He dismissed a series of recent incidents involving the plane as "teething problems" and said he had no plans to cancel orders.

Qatar Airways is the largest customer of the Dreamliner in the Middle East with an order for up to 60 of the aircraft - 30 firm orders plus an option on acquiring 30 more. It currently has a fleet of five 787 jets.

Japan's All Nippon Airways Co cancelled a Dreamliner flight scheduled to fly from Yamaguchi prefecture in western Japan to Tokyo on Wednesday due to brake problems.

That came just a day after a fuel leak forced a 787 operated by Japan Airlines to cancel its take-off at Boston's Logan International Airport. An electrical fire on another 787 forced cancellation of a JAL flight to Boston from Tokyo.

Al Baker has supported the US planemaker and said the incidents at Logan may have been isolated.

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Posted by: Edmond J. Philippi

I believe that Mr. Albaker comments on the whole issue are in place he is known to be a very careful and cautious Executive and
knowing for a fact that the FAA and Boeing and the concerned Airlines will not leave a stone unturned to get to the bottom of the problem and solved it,
Not only QR will suffer(God forbids if something happens ) Boeing and all those who bought the 787 will suffer too, we are sure that it will be addressed and this fine Aircraft will in no time span the world over and over again.

Posted by: Peter Johnstone

Sadly, Mr Al Baker has proven himself to be a very outspoken (and often controversially so) businessman. I fear that his critical comments of Boeing (and of other so-called business partners) may come back to haunt him one day, if ever anything rather catastrophic could happen (I hope it never does) to one of QR's aircraft. He needs to learn some humility and common sense.

Posted by: John Thomas

Enlighten me (and the rest of the World for that matter)... why would the comments of Qatar's CEO bare any weight on the decision of the US Authorities to review the problems with the aircraft?? Did he design it??? He merely bought a few airplanes (the Country did)... nothing more nothing less, his comments (nugatory for most part) would never play any part on the FAA's decisions - ever!
Do us all a favor and stop putting so much value on whatever this gentlemen says - it has been proven time and again that most of it is rather nonsense anyway (case in point DEPA v Qatar airport)...

Posted by: John Thomas

RAH - I did read the article at length hence my comment... May I draw your attention to "The move comes despite Qatar Airways' chief executive Akbar Al Baker playing down safety concerns on Wednesday." - what is your understanding of this passage??? It it quite clear to me! Our perceptions cannot be that far apart - the English is quite clear...wouldn't you agree?
No grudge here.... I am "intimately acquainted" with Qatar so yes I do feel my comment is appropriate especially on Al Baker.

Posted by: RAH

John: The article does not relate the FAA's decision to Qatar Airways' comments at all. This article explains mishaps of the 787 and then relates to us QR's stance on the issue (wont cancel their current order).

It looks like you hold a grudge against QR/Qatar and you simply wanted to bash them without reading the article thoroughly enough.

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