Video of UAE men arguing in cinema goes viral

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(Getty Images - for illustrative purposes only)

(Getty Images - for illustrative purposes only)

A video clip of two Emirati men arguing loudly during a cinema screen has been viewed nearly 270,000 times since being posted on YouTube.

The two-minute video, titled ‘Two Locals Fighting in a Cinema’, starts by introducing viewers to an Emirati actor buying movie tickets at a cinema in Dubai. We are told that his actions are being filmed by hidden cameras.

After taking his seat, the man answers a telephone call just as the film begins playing, much to the annoyance of those sat around him. Another Emirati man seated behind him quickly interjects, saying “Friend, the movie has started” and asking him to hang up.

As the planted actor continues to talk on the phone loudly, the second man becomes increasingly frustrated, standing up and repeating his pleas for him to stop talking.

Just as the argument is about to simmer over, the first Emirati man pulls out a remote control and pauses the cinema showing and rewinds it. At this point the clip is revealed to be an advert for telco Etisalat’s eLife TV package.

When the camera cuts back to the two men, the first is showing shaking hands with the second. The audience, realising the sequence is a setup, begins to applaud.

A British expat in Dubai who was shown the video by Arabian Business described it as “pretty funny” and “pretty much spot on. This is pretty much what happens every time you go and see a movie here”.

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Posted by: Jamal Bastaki

You need to learn from Emarati to be courteous, loving, caring, compassionate, sensitive, hospitable, humane and helpful to different nationalities, cultures and classes. I don't see a lot of other countries standing for similar values such as living and business freedom, equality and non-discrimination by providing all residance, citizens enjoy equal rights in all areas of public and private life, including employment, education, religious, medical, healthcare .... Why don't you have love in your heart for such a wonderful people. Seriously ... than daring to write hate messages.

Posted by: nimby

yep, welcome to Dubai.
That is why we never go to the cinema here.

Posted by: RBH


Bad Emirati behavior is now used as a means of advertisement.

Something to proud of, of course...

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