'The West is supporting terrorism,' Gaddafi's son says


Saif Gaddafi, son of the Libyan dictator, says his family will never surrender and claims Libya is united

(ITN News YouTube video)

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Posted by: Kat

Like father, like son. As deluded and power mad as each other - why do the media give them a voice.

Posted by: Max

"The West is supporting terorism" - how does it feel Saif?

Posted by: Mohamed Sawar

Saif Qaddafi is a selfish person who does not deserve the position he has granted himself. The same of course goes for his father and family. Who really are they ,to dictate to the Libyan's what they can do and say and where they can go etc ??. They are nothing but traitors to the Libyan population who have used their ill gained positions to torture people and to enrich themselves with vast wealth that has not be earned by them but stolen from Libya. Really they are disgusting people who need putting on trial in near future. For certain they do not care about Libya or its people, that is shown by the way they have acted for decades.

Posted by: Marina

What is going on in Libya? Al Qaeda has announced of establishing an Islamic Caliphate in the province of Cyrenaica. What says Western media? That he is a good guys, since he is fighting terrorist organization #1? No, he is a scoundrel, shooting at the unarmed demonstrators , who is going to destroy oil pipes and had stolen 70 billion from Libyan people.

Guys in London and Washington, are you not confusing anything? Who did blow up your Twin Towers and underground? Gaddafi or al Qaeda? Who do you hold as enemy #1 in the world? Who were you fighting up until this February? Who were you chasing in Afghanistan? Was it really Muammar Gaddafi? Who ought you be helping?
Truth: The organizers of the revolution ?drag along? people ? puppets, to whom they want to pass the power. Just before they would give it to the extremists. IMHO:And now foreign powers decide to turn Libya into a new bloodbath despite most of the people in Libya want to retain Gadaffi.

Posted by: mohamed nasser

Stop misleading people. you and your father are dictators and own people killers. God bless Libyan people.
Masrawy and proud

Posted by: Sarojini Rajapaksha

My friend do not be misled by NATO and the traitors that are the French & Americans, they want your blood. Only Col. Qaddafi can rule Libya and no one can, not even the rebels.

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