Dangerous driving on SZR revealed

Wed 19 May 2010 09:29 AM
Shocking footage as 4x4s are driven on two wheels, swerve in and out of traffic

A YouTube video has been posted showing shocking driving manoeuvres on Dubai's busiest road.

Large 4x4 vehicles are seen driving on two wheels and performing stunt manoeuvres, where a car circles around with smoke coming from all four tyres.

The video comes just a day after Robert Marks, a senior official of International Safety Council, said the region's roads were among the world's most dangerous with 18 of every 100,000 people losing their lives in crashes.

Marks said African roads were considered the most dangerous in the world with 24 people out of every 100,000 dying in road incidents every year.

He said there was still "a need to put more effort from governments and private sector to heighten awareness among motorists on defensive driving".

“I take the view that one fatality is one fatality too many,” he said.

Globally, Marks said that the majority of road accidents which should have been prevented involve young drivers licensed to drive with less than five years experience.