Dubai Police shows off new Ferrari patrol car


Dubai Police give the public an up close and personal look at its new Ferrari patrol car, which joins a Lamborghini Aventador in its new-look fleet

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Posted by: Daniel Bernard

Mark I disagree with your argument here. In many countries police officers do have access to 'fast' cars. Certainly in the UK they do - I don't know about Germany.

My point is twofold; 1. That, at times, police drivers do need to act quickly to catch reckless drivers who would otherwise have gotten away. 2 These super cars act as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they can outgun the police.

Certainly there are idiots who will try to take on the police(that happens everywhere) but the vast majority of 'potential offenders' will be discouraged, knowing they can now be caught.

Having said all that, I can't help but think there is a certain amount of showmanship involved too..

Posted by: Mark Reed

Even in a country like UK, when serious speed offenders are stopped by the police many times they are stopped and hand cuffed under the usage of physical force.

Do you think that these ladies driving the super cars will be able to do that?

Posted by: Mark Reed

This does not make any sense from a policing point of view. The only thing that comes to my mind is that now even the Dubai Police is going bling bling to show of.

Posted by: Mark Reed

Thats a misconception Daniel. Dubai is not the only place with supercars. They have been around Europe for years. In a country like Germany, which is the home of some the supercars, the police does not speedbraker in supercars with supercars. The main reason being that if you chase a person driving 200 kmh. in a supercar you will make that person increase his or her speed to maybe 250 or 300. By doing this you will not only endanger the life of the perpetrator and your own life but also increase the risk of hazard for innocent bystanders. There fore you chase the lawbreaker to certain extent when it comes to speed. When certain speeds are exceeded alternatives are used. For instance spikebelts. And I can tell you that the BMW�s that the Dubai police has are more than capable of chases.

Posted by: Daniel Bernard

If you know anything of roads you know the lunatic drivers that prowl the streets in their super cars.

How do you catch super car lunatic drivers ? with super car police cars of course.

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