W Motors to make $3.4m sports car in UAE, Qatar


I liked SASA reply and I am sure 100% if he will search more (assuming that he knows how to) he will find that even the most famous car manufacturers directors and designers are not natives, but i can understand their shock of such an amazing car coming from such a small country like Lebanon (small in size only).

I have compared this car with all of the same category and I am certain that it is the best.

I had a dream to own an Astone Martine BUT now I have changed my dream and this icon became my new dream


Smoke and mirrors? Time will tell. If nothing else, an interesting and provocative design.


You must learn how to walk before you start running! I don't mean to trash dreamers, but this product is pure nonesense. I checked out the company website and googled for any MEANINGFUL information about this company and I found nothing noteworthy. I can not see how is it possible to have a plausible business model covering the manufacturing of this type of product. Personally, I have more respect for any company in the region that would attempt to manufacture on their own a simple bicycle, than for someone who claims to have built a super car, by simply adding gold and diamond to a prototype made primarily by a German manufacturer and Italian consultants and designers.


Dreamers or not, you MUST have a dream first in order to make something happen. As a leader or a critic, one should always make sure that he gives constructive criticism that can show through and through instead of a jealous ill critics. If you knew enough about cars, you will know that Ferrari is Only an Italian brand name built by Germans, same as Lamborghini and that OPEL and HOLDEN cars are a JV between Germans, USA and Australian companies, same as the Buffori cars being Lebanese, Australian Asian cars... needless to say more... this world is full of followers and jealous creatures, which lead me to say if you have nothing constructive and nice to say about anything better don't waste people's time with your poor comments, instead if you know so much about sourcing info, you should offer your services to see you can make this project a better one!! enough said


Proud to be Lebanese (hate politicians and followers),, but I feel very sorry for all the brains that are not getting the necessary support in order to prove innovation and inventions. this car was a project of a young guy who was looking for financing for years.

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