War of words intensifies on Bahrain human rights

Human Rights Watch hits back at claims that it published 'biased and deceptive' report


True democracy is nothing but a mirage. The more you think you are close to it, the farther it goes away. And as the sun set and darkness appears, it disappears and just the idea hope of its return remains.

Quit fighting.

Bint Al Abla

You've missed the (philosophical) point.
True democracy is not a mirage, but an ideal: which brave people fight for, just like ethical ideals or religious perfection.
Brave people have fought and died over such ideals for centuries, such as the abolition of slavery (dates dependent on country), trade unions (19th Century), women's right to vote (late 19th/early 20th Century).
For all these brave people who struggled, democracy has come closer.


Freedom of speech in England? when all media are in the hand of someone who dictates the editorial line and the opinions?
you must really be blind to say something like that. Maybe there is some people who try and some online articles. but in the official media, in EU, USA and Australia; there is no freedom of speech anymore. There is still a freedom to think but not to express it.
People can speak up their mind but as soon as they become too loud and can make some other change their mind, the gvts will always find a trick to make them get in line. Many honest journalists had this unfortunate faith; others where found suicide d (with seven bullets in the back - just to caricature )


Hi RS, I don't argue with that. I do agree. My point is that it is not an absolute thing and 100% proof thing to lecture or paternalize others with. With Respect the Prince WBT; that is exactly my point. Both of them have objectives, either financial or political and their media group journalists are obliged to follow or get fired with the risk of never being employed anywhere else as they get black listed by the industry. Money talks. usually you are sharper than this in getting the point :-).
The other point is and you know it well. Any democratic or popular movement (like occupy wall street; will be tolerated as far as it is funny) will be shot down and the leaders black listed as soon as they become a problem

Red Snappa

My dear Ticapuka,

Regardless of the British media being in the hands of a few moguls, you can at least heavily criticise the the royal family, the Prime Minister, the government, the head of the Police etc etc, if you think they're doing a bad job, are corrupt or not telling the truth and be insulting if the particular case merits it and you have the evidence. You can also interview dissidents, trade unionists, declare information detrimental to the economy, investigate senior politicians' business interests

In fact the Leveson enquiry, was instigated to carve out a code of conduct for the British Press who it is believed have taken freedom too far.

Which I guess is about as free as it gets comparatively speaking

By the way isn't Saudi Arabia's Prince Waleed Bin Talal a shareholder in Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp?


Human Rights is firm in roots of Islam, but the monarchies or kingdoms practice in their states is probably far from human rights and Islam.

It is a medieval system which is practiced in these states which probably was the norm of the English empire very long time ago.


@Grant & Expatsaffa; unfortunately names of any of the countries mentioned did not appear in the column, which I think explains why those countries were not included in the comments.
I agree that just because it has happened in the past does not justify actions of Bahrain Government. However, since everybody is guilty at one point in history (be it 10 years or 1000 years ago), shouldn't we give more space and try to understand the circumstances of Bahrain Government?? Without simply trying to vilify them?
@Telcoguy; No one is being jealous, racist or asking anyone to go to the airport, BTW I am not even from this region.
If your opinion is that England is the Champion of democracy; that is fine; but remember it is only your opinion.
Others do not have to follow that for sure and can have a different opinion.

Your Soul will hunt you

@grandholdt; unfortunately recent history is just after the war where your grandparents gave their lives. Because the horrors of colonisations where after the WW2 and the impacts of what, the British empire and like you say French, Spain and US, did these great nations who fought for their freedom are still making millions of people suffer. So please get off your horse and look at the reality with some honesty. If poeple are able to speak today is beacuse they fought for their own freedom against the bRitish and all the others till 1965. Others less fortunate, had to continue the fight till 1990 and the last ones are still paying till today (Palestinians and Africans)

Grant Holt

Wildwine, the colonization may not be the greatest part of the illustrious British history, but I'm perplexed no-one ever mentions the same acts by th French, Spanish or Portuguese at the time. You always concentrates on the British, for some bizarre reason. D we wat to look at the Romans and vikings also or is that to far back in history?

However, looking back at recent history, Im sure millions of our grandparents giving their lives in two world wars, so you personally have the freedom to continually critise us, can more than makes up for these acts that happended before your birth.


@realiste; please check my previous posts before passing on remarks; yes the chip is enormous, but not as enormous as the one you have on your shoulder.


@wildwine, I believe amongst the worst oppressors of democracy you will find the Persian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Chinese empire, the Russians etc.
Yes the UK did colonize countries, but lets not be fooled into thinking the rest of the world was living in peace and harmony during these periods.


i agree with RAH, ever notice how they never report on any developed country, as if their slate is clean


Bint Al Abla what on earth have you been reading? You should really have it transcribed in your language for easier understanding.

Bint Al Abla

Please read! ALL the HRW reports have far more criticisms of developed countries than the Gulf!


What is sad is the fact that Bahrain responds to the HRW. I say just ignore the HRW and these reports to show its insignificance to the Kingdom.

The more the government replies and gets angry, the more HRW people think they have control. Ignore them and they'll shoo away like the nuisance pests that they are and can leave the Kingdom alone.

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