Where is Bahrain headed?

The kingdom has identified jewels in its accelerating non-oil economy to forge a new path

Bahraini Expat

Many of the EPC/construction companies are struggling to manage their cash simply because certain clients are refusing to pay their dues. Due to the position of these clients within the kingdom, the companies are not able to enforce any contracts. If this culture is broken and everybody is held accountable to their contracts, it will significantly help these companies, workers and banks.


Bahrain has several companies not paying their employees due to the poor economy. This is causing people not to be able to cover their financial responsibilities and provide for their families. How are companies not able to pay their employees? This is against the law. If you can not pay your employees you should cancel all work permits and send your employees home or allow them to obtain other employment to provide for their families.


while it may never be too late to improve.
Bahrain lost its opportunity to dubai, qatar and abudhabi. (probably KSA as well)

Expat in Bahrain

If Bahrain had the amount of wealth which these countries have it would have surpassed them by landslide


Bahrain's major problem is debt. The majority of the budget goes to unproductive pathways which do not add much to the country economically. Furthermore whilst the country various heads of semi gov and private enterprises tout SMEs and the like the majority of companies in Bahrain cater to lifestyle (e.g. coffee shops, restaurants, saloons etc.).
The crown jewel of Bahrain has always been the finance sector. We have a large, educated, and hard working labour force. This however is offset by the lack of training to reach the top of the sectors. National Bank of Bahrain for example has a large (majority?) of senior executives who are expats. Something needs to happen where local workforce is put into senior positions to further grow talent.
Whilst I do not believe that this should be forced on anyway, at least for the 'local' banks its a shame to see little headway to promote local talent to senior roles in some of the biggest names.

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Where is Bahrain headed?

Where is Bahrain headed?

The kingdom has identified jewels in its accelerating non-oil...

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