World's most expensive red wine goes on sale in Dubai

Only three bottles of the 2009 vintage from France’s Château Margaux vineyard are available for $195,000

The world’s most expensive bottle of red wine, priced at $195,000 a bottle, has gone on sale in Dubai airport, with only three of the limited edition bottles made available for purchase.

The 12 litre bottles were produced by the 400-year-old Château Margaux vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France and have gone on display at the Le Clos wine store in Dubai International Airport.

The Château Margaux vineyard is renowned as one of the world’s greatest vineyards and the 2009 vintage is considered to be one of the best ever produced by the estate.

Only six Balthazars, which are 12 litre bottles, have been produced, and three have been offered for sale in the Dubai outlet, which is located in the A380 concourse.

"To mark this fantastic vintage, we are delighted to create a unique opportunity by partnering with Le Clos to offer three Balthazars to the world’s most discerning wine buyers. Château Margaux’s history stretches back over 400 years, during which the estate has produced some of the world’s best wines time and again. The Château Margaux 2009 vintage is one of the finest we have ever produced, hence why we chose to bottle it in this magnificent format,” Paul Pontellier, chief winemaker and managing director of Château Margaux said in a statement issued by Le Clos.

Priced at $195,000, the bottles are reported to be the most expensive ever sold, while the price tag also includes a first class ticket to France to visit the Château Margaux estate.

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Posted by: Random Guy

some really interesting comments I must admit. Lighten up people. If X is willing to buy 195k worth of one wine bottle, then let X buy it. I dont see the point of bashing others who are willing to spend on whatever they want if it makes them happy; or not. As for involving religion, please keep those opinion to heart; no good ever comes out of that.

Posted by: Daud

Some of the commenters should lighten up, people can spend their money however they wish, foolishly or otherwise. It might be the worlds' most expensive plonk and the buyer may become entitled to be called the world's biggest plonker, but so be it.

Posted by: rednrosy

well albert..most likely he would pay by credit card as such the purchase would be insured...
let him enjoy it..

Posted by: albert pinto

i hope whoever buys the bottle trips as soon as he pays for it and falls on his face flat on the ground and i would pay 195000 to be there laughing

Posted by: Ponder

It was published on the 13, a working day and not a sacred day. Stop trying to make storm out of nothing. You cant start claiming & encroaching days that come before and after on the calendar now can you?!

This is the job of this company, it is set up with the sole purpose of this activity and it handles business really well. Can money be spent better than on this expensive wine, sure, but thats ones opinion. The activities of this company and those like it have made the UAE into the most desirable place to do business & live in, setting it above and beyond anything else in the region. FACT - no other place comes close in the variety of offerings, that is why tourists from neighboring countries flock here during holidays!

The laws of the UAE are very clear as to who can purchase/consume within the UAE, and in the DEPARTURE/TRANSIT wing of the terminal/airport building.

Lets stop pretending that this doesnt exist and that people (many who pretend otherwise) do not indulge!

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