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Sun 16 Oct 2016 02:33 PM

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'It's like Armageddon' in parts of Middle East, says Khalaf Al Habtoor

Outspoken founder of Al Habtoor Group said failed foreign policy has caused endemic problems in region

'It's like Armageddon' in parts of Middle East, says Khalaf Al Habtoor

A catalogue of “catastrophic” moral and political failures by world leaders has caused chaos in the Middle East, according to Dubai businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor.

The outspoken founder of Al Habtoor Group has written a book claiming that misguided foreign policies have wreaked havoc in the region.

Is Anybody Listening? How world leaders ignored prescient warnings on the Middle East was published last week, with a launch event at which Al Habtoor was interviewed by BBC journalist Gavin Esler at the St Regis hotel in Dubai.

In the book, Al Habtoor cricitises Western administrations for enabling terror groups as a result of the Iraq war.

Later, he explores the present dangers threatening to destroy stability in the Middle East, including the Syrian crisis, conflict in Yemen and social division in Lebanon.

The book features keynote speeches given by Al Habtoor around the world, and claims to offer advice to policy makers on how to get out of the “quagmire”.

Al Habtoor writes: “It is like Armageddon in parts of the Middle East, and there is little hope of getting out of this quagmire, which I believe is due to the catastrophic moral and political failures of world leaders who have enabled the likes of [ISIL], the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Republic of Iran.

“I have no doubt in my mind that failings by world leaders have empowered this fanatical mob hellbent on a reign of terror, using the false cover of religion… and unless action is taken soon, I fear, for all our futures.

“Enough sitting around hoping for miracles! The Arab world cannot rely on the West any more. Both Muslim and non-Muslim states should stand with the GCC to fight this alien sickness that is not only tearing our region apart but also posing a grave threat far beyond our borders; if left unchecked it could further divide our world.”

Former US president Jimmy Carter wrote in a foreword to the book: “Over the past few years, Khalaf Al Habtoor and I have become personal friends. We have exchanged thoughts on the state of the world and the role of the US and UAE in facing these issues.

“We agree that our planet is facing enormous challenges, and these threats often are being ignored. While we may not always agree on the way forward, it is good to know that he is willing to call attention to the issues of the day and to urge action.”

Mike Handsup 3 years ago

Khalaf Al Habtoor is most certainly 100% correct in what he is saying. I just hope that one day very soon the Middle Eastern Countries will actually start working together rather than against each other. And please Middle East, do NOT go down the same route as the EU and try and join every Country in a very UNbending Union and have the same problems we now see with United Kingdom and BREXIT .