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Wed 17 Jul 2013 09:33 AM

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'Shock video' Emirati files case against YouTube uploader

Dubai Police turn investigation onto man who filmed violent attack on Indian motorist

'Shock video' Emirati files case against YouTube uploader

The family of a senior UAE official arrested for physically assaulting an Indian motorist have reportedly filed a case against the man who filmed the incident and uploaded it to YouTube.

The unnamed Emirati official was arrested on Tuesday after a video emerged on social media showed him physically assaulting the driver after a minor traffic incident.

The case has been referred to Public Prosecution and the official faces up to one year in jail or a maximum fine of AED10,000.

Under the UAE's cybercrime laws, recording videos in public without the permission of those being filmed is illegal and constitutes defamation, Dubai Police said.

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, acting chief of Dubai Police, told Gulf News officers were investigating the complaint.

The clip has attracted nearly 65,000 views on YouTube.

James 6 years ago

When will the humiliation stop?
Caught red-handed and complaining about it? Grow up! (and welcome 2013, nothing is really hidden any more)
If they wanted this out of the media and public spotlight it would have been better to let it go, face the court and accept their decision.
What next?
Maybe the video maker will sue for having experienced such a traumatic incident.
Will it ever end.....

NaderDubai 6 years ago

This is a Total disgrace, first for being a national and then head of a Government department. That does not give him the right to act as he did and in the month of ramadhan!!?? why bother fasting, just why bother...Well done for the person that caught him on video otherwise God knows what this guy could do the next time..

mazhar fakher 6 years ago

Is it recording or broadcasting? There is a big difference

Kent 6 years ago

its not shocking, it happens all the time.

Kevin 6 years ago

I hope Sheikh Mohammed steps in and protects the video up loader as he has done society a favour by exposing unruly behaviour.

The action against the powerful will give the country a good name and still better not prosecuting the do-gooder would be a a strong message to locals mis-behaving

Anonymous 6 years ago

The up loader should be rewarded for bring out such incidents. He did not record any pornography - he recorded a person acting against humanity! Where is that considered a crime.? If he is charged - the wrong message will go out to the UAE residents and the international community. No one will come out to report a crime or incident due to fear.

Mark X 6 years ago

Did the Emarati man take permission to assault the Indian man?

Assulting anyone is a crime. Someone exposes the crime, and he is being labelled as a Criminal for exposing this crime. Where is the logic? Maybe I do not understand this because this is "Rocket Science"

Geko 6 years ago

Removed that social reporting number from my mobile. Reported one or two times in that number, thank god did not send any clips.

Too dangerous to be a whistle blower, why to risk helping someone...

edgarski 6 years ago

It was not the Emerati being filmed, it was the Indian... it so happen that he (the Emirati) was there doing the bad thing to the Indian....

Muhammad Zeeshan 6 years ago

There are thousand of similar cases in Arab countries where poor foreigners are abused and no one is there to help/save them.

I would recommend, such videos must be sent to police department first, instead of uploading them. But it must be the duty of police to capture and punish guilty publically with the proof of the person wrong doings.