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Tue 5 Jan 2010 07:09 AM

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1,474 labourers in mass salary delay protest

Ministry official says workers can transfer sponsorship if not paid for two months.

Any worker who does not receive his wages for two months is free to transfer his sponsorship to another employer without the consent of his original employer, a senior official at the UAE Labour Ministry has said.

Speaking shortly after the weekly meeting at the Ministry for settling labour dispute cases, Qassim Jamil, director of Labour Guidance also said that a mass complaint filed by 1,474 workers for unpaid wages has been referred to the Labour circuit court in the emirate.

The owner of the firm which was not named clarified that the workers had been paid their monthly wages for August and September 2009, and promised to pay the outstanding dues without delay, news agency WAM reported.

But the Labour Ministry said that the cases have already been referred to the competent court for a decision, WAM added.

Jamil said that the workers were not under any legal obligation to resume their work if they remained unpaid for a period of two months and were free to transfer their sponsorship.

Cindy 8 years ago

I am On a freezone company under DMCC.. My employer terminated me from service without giving me termination letter, she also held my salary and she told me that i need to pay 6,000 AED. SHe's Keeping my passport and the thing is i need to pay her 2,700 more for the balance that they spent for my visa. So i filed a complaint on DMCC 3 weeks back and the guy who is holding my complaint was just ignoring me.Now i dont know how long do i need to wait for their action? I thought that they will be the one to mediate when there is a dispute between the employer and employees?, and that they will be there to protect the rights of the employees towards the abusive employers.

I hope that this will catch the attention of the Labour authorities here in DUBAI and i am begging the authorities to wake up and help me please.

We took the risk of leaving our families back to Manila to seek for better opportunities and i am not happy the way we are treated in this country.