Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
Rola Dashti

Rola Dashti

Industry: Government

Company: Government

Designation: Economist

Country: Kuwait/Kuwait

Occupation: Economist

Rola Dashti is a Kuwaiti activist advocating democratic reform, gender equality and increased roles for women in public life.

Dashti lobbied for the May 2005 decree permitting Kuwaiti women to vote and run for parliamentary elections for the very first time.

She was the first woman to file her papers at the election department, when the registration opened, and she herself was a candidate in the 2006 parliamentary election. In the 2009 parliamentary elections, Dashti and three other women won seats to become the first women to enter the Kuwaiti parliament.

Dashti holds a PhD in Population Economics from Johns Hopkins University. She has lectured, conducted and managed research in development and applied economics, particularly in regard to the country’s recent quest for modernising its economic, financial, and social processes.

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