Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
Hiba Jamal

Hiba Jamal

Industry: Media

Company: MBC

Designation: Talk show host

Country: UAE/Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Talk show host

One of the highlights of Hiba Jamal’s career so far is likely
to be her interview with the US
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in January. Jamal, along with her co-presenters,
recorded a special episode of the Arabic ladies talk show Kalam Nawaem, which is
broadcast on the MBC-1 satellite channel. The special edition of the show focused
on women in politics, the world before and after 9/11, US foreign policy, the Middle East peace process,
and cross-cultural dialogue.

The show, which is presented by Jamal along with three other
co-hosts - Fawziyah Salamah, Rania Barghout, Farah Bseiso and Heba Jamal - covers
a whole host of topics.