Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
Wajeha Al Huweider

Wajeha Al Huweider

Industry: Media

Designation: Activist and writer

Country: Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Activist and writer

Wajeha Al Huweider is one of Saudi
Arabia’s premier womens’ rights activists and writers, as
well as the co-founder of the Association for the Protection and Defense of Women’s
Rights in Saudi Arabia.

In 2008, Al Huweider received international media attention when
a video of her driving in Saudi
Arabia was posted on YouTube, as it is currently
illegal for women to drive in the kingdom. “Before that, I knew that I’m a human
being. However, in the United
States I felt it, because I was treated as one,”
she said of her time in the West. “I learned life means nothing without freedom.
Then I decided to become a real women’s rights activist, in order to free women
in my country and to make them feel alive.”